Epic Battles SF Card Game - Collecting

I’d like to keep up to date on the collecting side of things with this new card game. As far as i know, the only retailer for this product is Blockbuster. The stores near me have the game in stock so i’ve gotten a couple of starters and a couple of boosters.

The official Score website has a complete list of cards released for the Epic Battles game. It’s a very helpful resource for collectors and it’s also cool if you just wanna browse through the cards to see the artwork. Check it out:

Pretty much the only place to buy singles right now is this one online store that specializes in MTG cards: http://www.shuffleandcut.com
These guys actually have a retailer spot at a weekly collectibles show called “Frank and Son” up in Industry, California. I was there last week and asked them if they had anything in stock and if they were selling any sealed product. They only sell singles and they only sell online. Like i said, they specialize in MTG, so most of the stuff they sell in person is Magic singles. I get the impression that they actually buy the stuff from Blockbuster and just go through opening packs and listing singles. That would explain why the singles are so expensive. Then again, it’s also possible that they have a hookup from a friend that works at a Blockbuster store or something. At any rate, this store is better than nothing if you just need a specific card.

My main question right now: Where do we get the promotional cards? According to the website, there should be 10 promo cards for the SF side and 3 promo cards for the MK side. Has anyone seen these things in random magazines or anything? Here’s the promo list posted on the website:
Street Fighter Promos
P1 Deep Injury (SF)
P2 Perfect Pose (SF) - Street Fighter II #0 (October 2005 comic) - thx AzN_Skater
P3 Interpol Agent (SF)
P5 Super Leap (SF)
GP1 Gouken (SF) - Gamepro #206 (November 2005 magazine) - thx udoneko
SF1 Focused Ki (SF)
SF2 Evil Reborn (SF)
SF3 Recovery (SF)
SF4 Training (SF)
Mortal Kombat Promos
P4 Frightening Lightning (MK)
MK1 Zombies Need Brains (MK)
MK2 For Battle! (MK)

Gouken is in this months gamepro (#206, the one with Saint’s Row on the cover). I have it.

I think Deep Injury will be in SF2 #0, but I can’t be sure. I don’t know about the rest though.

The card that is in SFII#0 is Perfect Pose.

Added that info to the first post. Thanks guys. Anyone else have info on any of those other cards? There isn’t really any MK stuff coming out anytime soon.

Is this game distributed only through US Blockbuster branches? I’ve yet to see this game in any Blockbuster here in Vancouver. I’m not too big on card games but I’d like to sample the game if possible.

They’re not in Canada yet, AFAIK. I’ve been bugging Edmonton BB’s to get them, but nothing as of yet.

Selling All My Cards

I’m selling all my cards and live in the SF Bay Area. I checked shuffleandcut.com & m entire collection is worth around $300. I’m willing to sell the entire collection for $140 OBO. If anyone is interested let me know ASAP. All my cards are MINT and were hardly played with. If you have AIM my SN is CPS IV.

Sweat deal. If I wasn’t broke I’d take you up on it. Sure you won’t have any trouble finding a buyer though.

I’m interested but honestly that’s too mucb money atm. I’ll drop you a line on AIM and maybe we can work something out. If not, good luck anyway. :tup:

Since this thread has resurfaced I figure I should ask on here.

Has anyone got a tiger shot for trade/sell?