Epic Beard Man - The Movie

They are making an Epic Beard Man movie and Danny Trejo is starring in the main role.


Wikipedia Link showing known info about the movie


Why not?


The media is Ouroboros.

I can think of several reasons why not. The only reason I can think of to make such a movie is that I wear a beard. That’s really not a good reason.

That’s fine. I just wanted to know why he thought it was a bad idea. I dunno about anyone else but posting a video and going “why” is a waste of forum space, especially when that trailer has been posted in two other topics. Least bring something to the table aside from the trailer and a one word response.

I rocka beard to and it’s cool to see a bad ass reppin the face fur. Doesn’t happen enough in movies.


Reminds me of Hobo with a Shotgun… without the shotgun.

Oh, I didn’t know that. I did go looking first to see if it had already been posted but it appears I fail at searching.

LOL @ your sig.

It shouldn’t surprise me that people on the site would never believe that was really my fiance.

I haven’t let her near my PC since that day.

It’s no big deal. I was simply asking why you thought it it was a bad idea to give the topic a bit more then it had is all.

And with a $20,000,000 budget to boot.

man i coulda done this and make some $$$ off it.

so easy to make money nowadays:eek:

really? do you know danny trejo? cause thats the only reason anyone is gonna see this (which is totally legit imo. trejo is one of the few people who can carry a concept this shallow on his own)

Why is he fighting skinheads on a bus instead of a little black punk?

No way this is real. I deny its existence.

My mind just imploded

Typical Hollywood “pulling shit out of their asses” technique i.e. :


If they aren’t fucking past gems up, they create garbage. I will forever be clue less on why the general population in the US continues to fuel shit in entertainment, in both film and music.

You mean why isn’t he an old white guy fighting another old black guy instead of a mexican guy fighting random future farmers of America?

Also I want to be cool like op and just post random vids with one word of text and call it a thread because my mind has been fried by the sheer horror that is my wife’s face.

You fail at counting
There are 18 words in my OP not counting the ones in the link to wikipedia
26 words if you count them as well.