Epic fight akuma vs bison must watch

I put this in bison thread too.

This is a fight between, TrU3Ta1ent (Bison) vs (akuma) Evolvlution

Imo its a very epic fight, but you be the judge.



After watching the video, I agree with my original assessment. Too much wasted meter, too many dropped B&B’s, too many random Shoryus. Decent - Yes. Epic - No.

Video thread that way ----->

Why do you waste so much meter when he’s just blocking everything? And that was epic o.0

war is de epikniss?

I said you be the judge lol, I thought was a prit good match, im the bison

Good overall but I didnt see the epicness being advertised. Good demon and Gouki stopped pressing which cost him the final match. Ironically he had meter and ultra too. Weird. At min Id go for a flip palm demon.

^ I was thinking the same. the bison was cautiously blocking each of akumas jumpins from the corner, will full super he could’ve cr.lp cr.lp cr.mp xx lk.palm super with good success with the bison’s defensive style.

Not a bad watch but for future reference, don’t spam Devil’s Reverse so much. I’m not sure if the Akuma player knew but its a guaranteed Demon :slight_smile:

Pretty good match though.

I just saw alot of mashing dps throws and jabs the 1st 30 secs so I stopped watching :confused:

Also a c.MK = free combo off of that if Bison attempts to hit with it.

Overall Bison is better off using his normals and scissor kick pressure game against Akuma because head stop and devils reverse are out classed by Akuma’s options.

Yeah… I thought I saw this GT somewhere…

As for the match, it would’ve been more epic had the Akuma RD those random Demon Reverses at the end. Even I know to look for it when I have ultra in a match against Dictator. And I suck!!

It was a decent match, but not really “epic”…

Yeh he did mash dp, but hes a good player, he use to main rufus, I guess he wants to have akuma as main now.

Yeh I think i was too far for him, tbh, I was doing it too see his pattern so i could bait his jump fireball for the psycho crusher.

Opps double post, er, yeh… lol

Look at the score, only 1 round is won. I didnt rage quit, he lagged like mad and didnt wanna lose to someone lagging, so I left, you know when they have settings on to high for there pc and its in slow mortion? he did that…

tbh the bison was better than the akuma player, fadc, cr.mp xx ex tatsu? wtf thats like 3 meter burnt right thar for a blockstring.

Or you coulda stuck it out like a man

first off…man if your bison is on xbl I’ll show you an epic scrapin cause that akuma was spastic…

psycho crusher is SUPPOSED to be used to punish air fb’s…that isn’t anything new or tight

rage quitting for any reason is weak

that vid is like watchin 2 spastic xbl people go at it…oh wait it is…

why did you make this a thread?

you are a bison player so why didn’t you put it in the bison thread

if you’re tryin to think yer tight…you’re not…play someone in here who knows wht they’re doing there are many here who record as well


question…how do you demon devils reverses? I see that shit and bisons just steer behind me or on my head…so i chalked it up as unreliable.

and loyal: cr.mk stomps/reverses? how? I’ve found focus > dash forward and under and then throw works pretty consistently.