Epic Gaming Hosts Epic Khaos - Portland, OR - 02/26/2011


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February 26, 2011
Epic Gaming is located at
17185 SE McLoughlin Boulevard
Milwaukie, OR, 97267
Epic Gaming Milwaukie, OR - Google Maps
About the Venue
Epic Gaming does allow outside food and drink (not counting alcohol) and also is located near food and drink locations!

The Venue Fee will be $5 per entrant. Please note that it is for either tournament, if you enter both, you only need to pay once.
Teams will begin at 1:00 PM, Singles will begin at 4PM or when teams end. Participants are encouraged to enter both tournaments.**

Universal Tournament Rules

The tournament will be played on XBOX360.

The tournament is bring your own arcade stick/controller.

PLEASE be there when your match is called. If you are not, you will be DQed. If you need to leave to smoke, restroom, food, etc. LET THE TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER KNOW. If you fail to do so and are D.Q.?ed then you are at fault.

Super Street Fighter 4 3v3 Tournament: $15 per team

No character lock. Blind select is an optional mandatory. It is highly advised, but up to ya’ll.

The format will be Winner stays pokemon style
The Tournament will be Double Elimination

Each game will be one set, 99 second timer, 2/3 games.

**Pot Division:
If there are less than 8 teams, the pot will be split with 70% going to first place and 30% going to second place,

If there are more than 8 teams, the pot will be split with 70% going to first, 20% to second and 10% going to third

If there are more than 16 teams, the pot will be 50% for first, 25% for second, 15% for third and 10% to 4th

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles: $10 per entrant

Please note, $7 of the entry fee will go directly into the pot. $2 will go into a ?league pot (explained below) and $1 will go towards a trophy, or trophies.

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles will be a standard double elimination format tournament. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, 99 seconds.

Winner of each game must keep their character and select their ultra first. The loser has the option to change his or her character and will be allowed to pick their ultra second.


1: tnMuggish
2: Dirty Cole
3: SamB
4: BBH

Depending on Bracket, Secondary seeds

5: Virsaga
6: ScubaSteve
7: PDX_Jive
8: Hurricane Chris

Pot Division

If there are less than 32 entrants, the pot will be divided 70% for first, 20% for second and 10% for third,

If there are more than 32 entrants, the pot will be divided 65% for first, 20% for second, 10% for third and 5% for fourth.

League Pot:

How the League Pot Works


The league pot will be kept during the entire league and be continuously added to throughout the league (Minimum of 6 events, but most likely will go 10 total, possibly 12, looking at either a 3 month league repeat, or a 6 month)

At the end of each tournament, the placings will be assigned points with the following rate

1st: 10pt

2nd: 7pt

3rd: 5pt

4th: 3pt

5th ? 8th: 2pt

9th and Lower: 1pt
When that season of league is finished, The pot will be divided between the top 8 players as so

1st: 52%

2nd: 20%

3rd: 10%

4th: 6%

5th-8th: 3%

More information can be found here

Team Khaos and Epic Gaming combine for Portland Street Fighter League

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3 - $7 per entrant

Rules are currently TBD.

Double Elimination: 2/3 Games
Rules: Winner must keep same starting character, but can switch the order of assists.

Note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE show up not smelling bad. You’re going to be in a confined space for 5+ Hours, please have respect for others and shower before you come out. This is a place of business after all. If you wind up offending people because you smell like BO, you will be refused entry. Thanks!***