Epic Mickey: a new video game starring Mickey Mouse...as you've never seen him before

4chan was having a hubbub about this, let’s see how it comes out. At the very least, the graphics may be amazing…if they do it right.
ATM it is confirmed for the Nintendo Wii.
…and this shit IS serious-

whoa, looks interesting. Curious how it will turn out

Looks like Mickey got warped into a Coheed album cover. I might have to check this out.

Okami2: Mickey is pissed!

Looks promising I guess. I’ll keep an eye out.

Holy shiiiit I was just going to make some lame joke about his clothes or something but this looks so badass badass badass badass badass

looks very cool. hopefully this sh1t doesn’t disappoint. I’m down to see mickey mouse kick some ass.

I’m going to be the asshole that downplays this.

The art is interesting, but the only reason people look cool is because its grimdark in contrast to the usual environment Mickey is in. Also, the word epic seriously needs to be deleted from people’s minds. I’m tired of hearing it.

I’ll wait to see gameplay until I give a shit.

Everything is epic nowadays.:rofl:

Throw a violin in a song, it’s epic. Throw a mountain or forest in a movie, it’s epic. I ate corn last night, my shit was epic.:clapdos:

The art style is really cool. Hopefully we’ll get more details soon.

If this is true, this better be a badass game. And by that I mean Pluto better be depicted as goddamn Cerberus.

Man, thatleaked concept art looks amazing! Pretty cool. No clue as to whether the game will be good, but the art is looking promising.

Yeah, no need for the word “Epic” yet.

Still, ever since I saw Mickey traveling through dimensions and fucking people up like Yoda in a trenchcoat, I need more Mickey.

Long live the King!

I’m not a Mickey fan really but this looks very interesting, love it when developers add articsticness to their work.

This. I mean damn I was already hyped seeing Mickey wrecking everybody’s shit in KH2 now he might be doing it again in his own game.

That looks mad trippy. The Epcot/Whale battleship is pretty intimidating.

Super Mario Galaxy laughs at people who think the Wii can’t do this game justice.

Everytime I worry about this game being for the Wii, I remind myself of Galaxy and then my worries lessen.

Damn, too bad this wasn’t revealed earlier, it really woulda helped Stu in the Battle Poll.

Nightmare fuel for 9 year olds everywhere.