EPIC nerd rage!

Guys, I need to know if I’m sane lol;

I have been practising hardcore style on SSF4 in lieu of a Tournament in September, now with epic practice I found comes epic frustration! I have been that obsessed with 100% success rate for FADC to ultra and string combos and so on that over the last month that I have become worse!!! Before I practised for this tourny my on-line win rate with my main (Ryu) was 88% with over 1000 fights … now … its 56%!!!

Anywho, yesterday I got so pissed at losing to a ken-scrub on-line (I failed my FADC, so instead of a SRK bluff into throw, I managed to spunk an Ex SRK!! so I looked like a noob and got punished) that I threw my stick, stood up shouted at the top of my voice, ripped my shirt open, broke the disc and kicked the door so hard I am sure my toe is broken !!!

Reading this back now is comical as balls, but at the time, if the guy walked in who beat me I would have took his head off!!!

Please guys, tell me I am sane (or just as bad as you guys) by sharing your stories of epic nerd rage!

honestly online I get pissed as fuck.

i’ve hit my stick so many times, including kneeing it. its bent bad but still works (thanks madcatz!)

i can totally understand your frustration

I have a family member who tends to get mad over video games. He has broken multiple cell phones after losing in street fighter and broken PlayStation controllers after getting killed in Call of Duty.

I use that as a reason to not get mad, though that sure doesn’t stop me from taunting and provoking him every chance I get in SF.

U mad?

cool story bro