Epic question answered: How to pronounce Ryu's name

Well, I got bored and decided to get all of this settled once and for all.
Offline for now due to homophobic and childish behaviour from SRK members. :dp:, :hp:

Mystery solved. Now…about YOUR name…

My name is Hadou Ken (???), this is also something that I might bring up.

Hadou Ken means Surge Fist/Wave Motion Fist, NOT Fireball. Hopefully this will be brought up by someone else though.

Ah, interesting. There goes my “Ken dub” I was thinking about…

“Fireball! Fireball!”
“Kick that makes me dizzy!”


you are a gay virgin

Not that it concerns you but no, I am not. :wink:

Whats that coming over the hill is it a monster? is it a monster???

But like my post was that necessary to find out how his name was pronounced?

youre wrong anyway because the japanese sound that transliterates to the letter ‘r’ doesnt really sound like an english ‘r’ but more a combination of ‘d’ ‘l’ and ‘r’, and ‘yu’ is more a short ‘yuh’ and less a ‘yoo’

see i actually know how to pronounce it and yet i dont give a care if people pronounce it wrong because im not a pathetic piece of shit

This is… OP you just:

a 3-minute romp with the first troll you could get to talk to you in anime club doesnt count


Speaking of trolls…^

NO! you’re wrong! it’s clearly pronounced RE-YOU (not REEEEEE-YOU though)

what makes you think it’s a japanese name and is pronounced as such!? pfft. scrub!

Way to ruin my day weeaboo :frowning:

I’ve always said “Rye-yoo”.

I’m going to *keep *saying it that way…

well prepare to be mocked, scrub! or does another 3-min video have to be made?

Video’s down.

Was there ever a question though? I mean, they DO say it in EX.

Correct, and that is the right way to say it!

I say Rye-You because It sounds better… ^^’

When I was little I pronounced it “rye-you” (just like most people, haha), but now that I actually understand how Japanese is pronounced I say it the correct way.

The kinda interesting thing about Ryu’s name is that it’s really said in one breath, like it only has a single syllable.