Epic Rap Battle: Daigo Umehara vs. Makoto Nagano


I finally completed it and posted it online yesterday.

Two living legends, each one in their own somewhat unrecognised yet highly impressive sport, duke it out on the rap battlefield. Who will reign supreme among them? Can they be reconciled, or were they never even truly comparable to begin with? Follow the link below to find out!


I hope you all like it! :slight_smile:


No… cross forum “raid” (wars)

I was going to link the video gallery but actually I don’t know where it goes. My bad on the pic too, sitting on that and itching to use it and didn’t get to use it on that strange language guy who made a thread in General Discussion down here.




I can post the entire rap battle here if you want, it’s just that I feel this kind of art’s a bit… unorthodox, even for a general FGD.
And this one’s probably not even as masterfully crafted as the Nostradamus vs. Kasparov one, so…


please dont


This is SRK. We don’t like anything.


Just give up on it.