Epic Rap Battles of MVC3: Wesker vs Doom (Extended)

Hey guys. Just polished up and put the finalized music video for the Wesker vs Doom rap battle. We’re also taking suggestions for further rap battles.

Huge shoutouts to Zaid TheRedRapper Tabani for being an excellent person to work with on a project of this scale. Also shoutouts to several SRK members who have provided assistance on prior and current episodes. I appreciate all your help very much. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Oh, and if you like the show, please download the full unedited version of the song. Cya doods!


So sick.

Doom totally killed wesker. So hard. And i’d love too see a Akuma and Wolverine (Best buds!) vs Strider and Doom (Clockworkz.) Also i hope you do a Dormammu Assist me. Mostly cause i wanna see someone with a flaming head… >.> <.<

Stay free Wesker…

And lol Doom vs. World is a 10-0 match-up… SHIT… IS… FRAY!!!

Complete. Verbal. Saturation.

Now that’s what I call good viral stuff :wgrin:

Amazing dude, simply amazing. Though, I’m pretty sure Wesker won. lol

Doom won that EASILY

You should try one with teams instead of 1v1

That was sick. Doom won with his very last line. :rofl:

When I think Wesker, I think Viscant the old man.
When I think Dr. Doom, I think Clorkw0rk the Messiah.

My blatant preference should declare which was superior in that battle.

Deadpool vs anyone. Why? Cause its deadpool

I dont think anyone could beat Deadpool.

doom easily takes this one.

That was pretty godlike.

Man i loved it. It would be cool if Viscant and Clock made some cameos or Doom and Wesker where taking shots at em (well Wesker did). I liked Weskers lines more though…

He dissed Strider, mentioned clock, and the “your comics are shit” made me laugh. So ya, i’m with Wesker by a small margin.

you use phoenix and have a shitty haircut :rofl:

I think Wesker won actually, just because of the DOWN part, that was brilliant.

For the next ones, I’d like to see Cap America, SHOW SOME RESPECT!

Doom won that by miles. Taskmaster vs Doom would be awesome.

edit: Deadpool vs Taskmaster, that shit would make the Beef 3 documentary

i like many of the epic rap battle of history of peter, got some fun stuff on his youtube channel, BUT men!! Doom vs Wesker was totally sick, very good stuff, doom finish wesker in every line, great vid maximilian!!! thanks, i hope to see more in a very soon future, have about The Online Warrior/ Doom vs Wesker/ Jill???

I want to see MODOK/Ammy.
Let’s see you do that!

I just want to see a dog and a chair have a rap battle.