Epic RestRooms Signs

Hello fellow Image Boarders,

I need some help. In about 1 week, Northwest Majors is coming up and we need some signage for the room to let people know where some things are. One of the problems; it is a big room and it is kind of hard to find the restrooms.

So what could be great are some amazing “Restrooms This Way” signs, with a punch, to really let people know where they can take a shit. Whether it’s Necro doing his singing animation towards the right directions, or an arrow made out of fireball sprites, as long as it conveys the awesome experience they are about to have, its A-Okay.

If no one is interested, than that’s fine. We will probably just put up some “Restrooms This Way” signs with an arrow. But this is really a chance to bring the world of fighting games and the world of bathrooms together in a big way. So to anyone feeling creative, it would do a lot to make the tournament a more badass experience.

Here’s hopin. Thanks guys.