Epic Shredding of Destruction Battle 2-Orange Park, Florida - July 29th

**Epic Shredding of Destruction Battle 2: 80s Edition

Hosted by Board City, Sponsored by Best Buy of Orange Park, Entertaining U Newspaper, and Board City Skateshop.
Sunday July 29th, starting at 6 PM



Board City, Orange Park
410 Blanding Blvd
Orange Park, FL 32073-5051
(904) 272-6996

Right next door to Starbucks Coffee

Well, its time for our second Guitar Hero benefit tourney, and this time, its going 80s. Here is the Deal:

Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s Tournament
(GH 1 and 2 and fighting games in casuals)**

Entry Fee: 5$ Door, 10$ toward the pot to enter the tourney.

Double elimination format.
Players flip a coin to choose first song in set, best 2 out of 3.

Matches are played in PRO FACEOFF MODE.

The 10$ Entry fee will be split 60/25/10/5 Per management. Additional prizes from sponsors will be announced soon.

I’ll post more details about the benefit and format soon.

Pizza and drinks will be on hand, proceeds going toward the benefit.

Thanks for allowing me to post here. Hope you guys can come!

Update, This is for the PS2 version only. Matches are in PRO FACE OFF.

Sorry for leaving that out.

are the fighting games for sure? casual wise?

That address is not correct. I can’t find it on mapquest.

Actually, if you look it up with google maps, it shows up. Not sure what the deal with mapquest is. Maybe you need the suite number, its Suite number 8.


I’m bringing a setup for 3rd strike (Mame) and My dreamcast for marvel, so that is for certain. I’ll also have some sticks on hand. Fighting games aren’t the main focus by far, but its gonna be a good time and you can definitely get some games in.

I’m going to be in Cali this weekend, but damn a Guitar Heroes tourney. Fuck, maybe I can cancel my ticket. Evo West or Guitar Heroes? Decisions decisions.

We do this every few months, so its all good. I’m working on setting up a Guitar Hero 3 tourney as we speek, so maybe you can hit that up. I’d say Evo definitely, though our GH shit is gonna be nuts, I can tell already.

Yeah, I think you missed Blaz’s sarcasm. Standard reply to him should be something along the lines of: “Guitar Hero of course! I haven’t seen this much neck action since your mom co-starred with Lex the Impaler.”