EPIC strip tease fail



ha ha ha ha ha man that was good


Crowd: AWWWWWWwwwwww


woulda been funnier if it wasnt so obviously fake.

how was it fake? sarcastic comment much?

i saw this a while ago. idk i still think the booty dancing while your crack baby is on the floor wondering why mommy is a whore is still the more disgraceful vid

^I think he means because it looks like shes really trying to pull the dresser down.

exactly.i dunno if anyone really can think it was real存he kept pulling when it was obvious it was gonna fall. she hella tugged on it.

Fake because if Im not mistaken shes not the first to do it. Other people had similar videos. I just remember because the first one I saw, the girl in it was topless.

She would have felt the dresser giving and let go. I too think it was fake.