Epic Vega Rage Stories

So, I went to Metrocon in Tampa with my girlfriend. We saw that there was going to be tournaments there so we entered. I entered SSFIV, she entered Brawl.

Anyway, did some casuals on Friday, and here was the result!

The kicker is, these guys didn’t even sign up for the tournament, but were standing there watching the whole time.

Anyone else have any nice IRL rage stories with our beloved narcissist? :rofl:

I wish x( I never EVER get any negative vibes from my opponents for using and winning with Valreg…i’m jealous x/ Maybe my Vega isn’t as big of a douche as yours Rugz.

Great story though xD
That’s how we get down bitches.

Mine wasn’t so much of rage, but more saltiness XD

Last ranbat I went to, a Ryu player tick threw me a good few times in the first round and starts laughing that he’s got me, it’s useless blah blah. Something seems to snap into place then and he starts getting all grr when I turn it around, bait everything he does and kick his face in.
Hell I didn’t even get a handshake, come on, you really felt that bad? XD

Turns out, later on he was talking to my boyfriend and went “I feel so damned salty, losing to a Vega player.” My other half turns around and goes "Yep, that’s my girlfriend."
Foot in mouth moment? I think so!

I work at a game studio, so it’s not rare that we’ll play games during the day. SSF4 was a constant during lunch for months with my coworkers. We have a few offices and we just were starting up a new one. The best SF player in the company was going to the new office, so I decided I’d move to help get that new office off the ground… and also to play against him far more often, I won’t lie (just don’t tell my wife!)

He simply is not used to losing when playing face-to-face, but he’s never really gone out to tourneys or anything. He’s a decent mid-level Rufus player. He hates fighting Vega with a passion, but we play anyways. When he’s playing against anyone else, he’s clearly enjoying himself and holding back, but gets dead serious playing against me. I usually win against him… say… 7-3 out of ten games.

Things were going as normal this one day… I’d win two or three, he’d pull out a win here and there. He was near the corner and I started rolling his way and canceled from the roll into a super jumping to the wall directly over his head pretty much at the start of the 3rd round and landed it. The round wasn’t even close to done, but it pissed him off so much that he punted our Rock Band stool about 30 feet away and nearly into a wall, then left without saying a word.

Hard not to grin after that.


Street Fighter is serious(ly immature) business.

thankfully calgary guys are way to chill to get mad

i had one guy punch me in the arm but he’s my buddy so i took it like a man. i cried when i got home.

one guy said “i’m not gonna play if he just runs away”. Watching my old videos i have to admit i used to run away SO FREAKIN MUCH hahahahaha. must have been frustrating… now i just hold my ground, but i can’t really see how that’s less frustrating

Online though, shit, the last couple days i’ve been getting constant hate. One guy named EXCh33ky on XBOX LIVE and SCHeartless on youtube (who only posts videos of himself winning) beat me on a bad day (you can tell by watching [media=youtube]MFbxtZHM_ZA"[/media]) and then uploaded it, unbeknowsnt to me… so when i played him again and beasted him (like i should have i don’t lose to shitty balrogs) he freaked the fuck out and spammed hate mail. then on his vid I commented calling him out when i found it and deleted my shit and spouted on about shit nobody cares about. I vowed that when I played him again I’d rush him down to smithereens since he was complaining about my turtle tactics and I did easily, he hate mailed me some more and blocked me from youtube. Now I challenge him to ft5 and say I’ll take the care to upload it since you don’t upload matches where you lose and he does not respond.


I hope he finds this thread. I’ve got serious beef with people who seriously try to call me out on my playstyle AND shy away from challenges under the pretext of frustration or some other pansy emotion.

thats so TRUE about him uploading replays of him winning ONLY , he uploaded a replay when he beat me & was funny is when i plyed him again i BEAT em but he doesnt upload it or when i run into his lobby again he boots me out.

scared ass.

Yeah dude what a chump. What I wouldn’t give to throw down with him again.

I saw him talking to you on comments for a while about not playing another match. What a bullshit excuse, eh? I can honestly say I’ve never turned down a challenge or kicked someone from a lobby. Granted, I choose who to play in the lobby screen but I honestly will play a good player 12 times in a row if it means either farming their points, or going back and forth for potential losses.

This guy just doesn’t have cajones.

well i played for like one hour today and got kicked 3 times after destroying a few ppl…i dont think they wer 2 happy

@Rugalitarian i sent u a friend request…add me dude i reely wana play u!

@jozhear im guna b in edmonton on like sept 20th…would it b worth it to rip down ther to meet and greet and play sum games?? u get together with ppl and play often??

Calgary is a 3 hour drive from E town. If you like, every Wednesday at around 7:00 - 10:00 or later we get together at Tubby Dog’s on 17th ave. Post in the Calgary forum if you’re interested: I don’t actually live in Calgary but just outside so if you want better directions or an exact address. I’d say it’s worth it if you have the time: you get an amazing hot dog, beer, and plenty of casuals and generally, I think I can say with almost 100% assurance that we have the most chill SF scene in the entire planet. Also, we can blaze if you like =D

I went to Megacon this year in Orlando, FL since I live nearby and participated in the SFIV tournament before SSFIV came out. I beat everyone there, but received no hate.

Online on the other hand is different. After I beat this one player a significant amount of times, he messaged me saying, “I am going to kill your family.” Talk about hate mail lol.

ya man i used to live in edmonton a few years ago…the drive is a real snooz fest but i think i will swing by that way on my way back home…i may move ther around october to persue kickboxing more seriosly…as well as street fighter lol…sounds like good times tho! u give me sum solid vega coaching and i will bring you some high quality bc bud! lol… i will let ya know closer to the date if im guna make it

sounds good bro!!

Getting hate mail is a foregone conclusion when you use Vega. I was playing online from work and told my coworkers that just picking Vega will get you hate mail. I picked Vega and let the opponent win double perfect, didn’t touch my stick the entire match. Sure enough, hate mail calling Vega users “stupid ****”.

Ah, internets.

Some dude almost knocked me out after I beat him in a local tourny; but that’s about it.

zerojay nominated for best job among SRK’rs.

I only seem to get hate mail from Gief players. I don’t know why but something about totally kicking a Gief players ass with Vega infuriates them lol.

blanka and vega hate will always be there for people that have only a mild understanding of the game… only because they dont know how to counter a blanka ball and walldive.

this view somehow survives eventhough some of them get to be better players.

admitedly , vega and blanka do kind of have to “annoy players to k.o.” more then some other characters , but they are also both low tier warriors who dont deserve the extra hate :stuck_out_tongue: