Epiphany or Ignorance? No button cancels STV


Hey all. I’ve been playing SF for awhile casually (since SF2) so I’m definitely still a newb when it comes to the the nitty gritty… frame data ect… but I’m learning.

So I was in training mode with Vega practicing BnB combos when I noticed something while trying to combo out of the Claw Switch. You can cancel into Claw Switch without actually hitting a button? Whaaat?

Basically, I was starting with st.HP xx claw switch. Thing is, I could press the st.HP then almost at the same time do the quarter-circle WITHOUT pressing a punch button again for the claw switch, but the claw switch still happens?! Whaaaat?

I was curious and tried the same thing with Ryu. Doing a cr.MP xx Hadou and that work as well with only one button press. Also meaning I could do cr.MP xx Hadou xx CA with only pressing a button twice.

Is this common knowledge and I had no idea?


Sounds like negative edge. You can do a special move by doing the motion and releasing the button.


Wow. Thanks man. Never even knew that existed.


Unless you want to play with negative edge, you should turn it off while learning.

How it works is you press a button in and hold it, the character on screen wont do anything. Only after you release it they will perform the action.
This is helpful in some situations. But if you press the button as you would normally, without holding it down, you can sometimes be slower than you should and miss what you wanted to do.

It is nice for buffering certain things. But you can buffer most specials if not all specials in SF, so it isn’t great for newer players to have it on.