Epitome of Shenanigans requests for your Shenanigans!

Hey how’s it going Shoryuken community?

I’m currently in the making of the 4th episode of ‘Epitome of Shenanigans’. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, the link to the 3rd episode is below.


Due to the amount of hits it has gotten I wanted to take the chance in trying to get videos submitted from gaming communities rather than limit it just close friends and family. It has actually made it to the front page of EventHubs 2 days ago!

If you have an awesome or funny clip that was taken from any of the Street Fighter series and would like to submit it for the 4th episode you can either send me a message via Shoryuken, YouTube message, or email (yocasfilmz@gmail.com) with the link to your video.

If you don’t have a way to upload your video or if you want your clips to have high quality picture and you have an Xbox, I can upload it for you if you send me a message on Xbox Live (GT: Yocas) and send me an invite to your replay channel (THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4: AE). I currently do not have a PS3 (YET!), but once I get it next month I’ll be able to take replays from PS3.

Annnd that’s about it. I again want to thank the community for giving back positive feedback on my series and subbing! I really appreciate it!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Oh and Happy New Year!

Whats up Yocas? I cant wait for that 4th vid. Keep up the work man!! you got my support!!