ePSXe: who's using it?

Hey guys, just wondering if anybody’s messed around with ePSXe and playing it online yet? I’ve tried the few built-in plug-ins for online play, as well as cyberpad, and the only success I have had is w/ cyberpad, but even that isn’t very good. I’ve been messing around with it on my home network, with Street Fighter Zero 3, and once connection is established, the screen gets all weird. It goes to the upper left 1/4 of the screen (w/ the rest of the desktop still visible), and only a portion of the ePSXe screen is visible…yet even the non-visible parts are still accessible (like, you can walk “off” of the screen and still be playing in the non-visible part). This is with cyberpad 1.0, and altho I have cyberpad 1.4 in my plug-in folder, it only appears in the plug-in config screen randomly on one comp, and not at all on the other. :xeye:

Anyhoo, just wondering if anybody else is using it yet, as I see cyberpad games hosted on kaillera every once in a while, and hoping for some success stories and maybe some pointers.

I just got that cyberpad 1.4 for my ePSXe.

I also had problems getting it to work, until I put the kaillera dll file in the ePSXe folder and not in the plugins.

I’ll be on it tonight, hopefully someone will join my game

I don’t know why ePSXe is so underplayed over at kaillera really. Especially since you’re able to play Tekken 3, which is a great game. Although I suck, it might be a good idea to try to organize a group of ePSXe players and especially Tekken 3 players that come together on set days/times/servers so we can actually get some competition going :smiley:

people used to play sfex2+ and tekken 3 but both games are now on mame. also and cyberpad is known to desync A LOT, so few bothered

Once I get broadband (if ever) I’d love to get some GG1 and maybe Soul Edge games down over this.

While both Tekken 3 and SFEX2+ are in mame, they weren’t in mame 64 which has the kallera, unless theres another one that I don’t know of…


how do you get 3D games to run on MAME?

thanks, :slight_smile:

Try this mame (see bottom, based off latest mame)

or HKv14 (older)
just need the appropriate bios

which link to i click?

Oops, for starters you’ll need the 7zip program: http://www.7-zip.org/

At the very bottom on the Mame page, under the readme link:

Get the 1st, 5th, 6th and 7th links.

The 5th is some kind of language pack but it can’t hurt.

thanks. i had 7zip before it came out… i been on that shit and nobody believes me it’s the best compression program. :tup:

I use EpsxE for Guilty Gear 1 when i can get people to play it. Cyberpad 1.4 works fine for me, never had any desynching trouble when i’ve played @ D fighters on it. When i tried Tekken 3 and soul edge with a few a few buddies of mine it would desync after 1 or 2 matches.