ER Wireless & Gaming - 11/27/2010 - Charlotte, NC - SSF4, KOF2KUM, BBCS


ER Wireless & Gaming
7712 Sossamon Ln NW
Concord, NC, 28027

Phone: 707-497-4663
ER Wireless

This may be a little short notice but the newly opened ER Wireless & Gaming will be hosting a tournament Saturday, November 27. Show up to support the scene in Charlotte! Also, we’ll be having tournaments for several other games so if you know any FPS or sports players let me know. I’ll be doing everything in my power to get these running smoothly.

Starting at 6PM until

$10 venue - will include food

$10 Super Street Fighter IV
$5 King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match
$5 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

I’ll get the full rules listing up soon but it’s the standard best 2/3 regular, 3/5 finals, loser may switch characters, both may switch Ultra.
Double elimination, 70/20/10 payout unless fewer than 8 for a game.

All goes well (crosses fingers), I’ll try to capture direct feed footage of some of matches.


I’m coming.


Just a reminder. Pizza included in the venue fee. This is today! Got my cell phone on me (704-891-3947) so call if you’re coming but running late.