ER Wireless & Gaming - 12/18/2010 - Charlotte, NC - SSF4, KOF2KUM, BBCS

ER Wireless & Gaming
7712 Sossamon Ln NW
Concord, NC, 28027

Phone: 707-497-4663
ER Wireless

Gearing up for the second tournament! I understand there were a few issues last time so I’m working to smooth those out. Trying to give people enough of a heads up to enter since the last one was admittedly short notice. Please PM me any concerns or suggestions you have. If you think a game can get more than 8 people to actually enter then let me know.

Starting at 3PM

$10 venue - will include food

$10 Super Street Fighter IV
$5 King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match
$5 BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

Standard best 2/3 regular, 3/5 finals, loser may switch characters, both may switch Ultra in SSF4.
Double elimination, 70/20/10 payout unless fewer than 8 for a game.

Venue fee will be waived for anyone who can bring a complete capture card setup to record match footage.

3S and… probably HDR can bring some people in.

idk, but I know NC is in love with 3S still.

Columbia is having a tournament on this day, so I think you probably count them out for this.

If I can remember, I might try to make it out for this.

As long as a ride’s available, I can come and bring setups (provided there’s room in said ride).

How good are you guys at starting on time?

Edit: sorry, just found out friends are coming up from SC. Takes priority.

I’m glad to see that the fighting game scene in Charlotte has been hosting so many tourneys lately. I’ll have to try catching you guys, when we’re not having a Bi-Weekly in Cola. I advertised this tourney on our sctourney blog to help pull in more players for this tournament :wink:

Thanks for the promotion Jaguar. Was trying to do some footwork @ CPCC last week to see if anyone might be interested. Hopefully in January I’ll be able to pick a day that doesn’t coincide with your venue, especially since y’all play BB and KOF.

The previous one started a little late but that was because I was running late. This one absolutely needs to start on time because other stuff will be going on in the store in the evening.

So is this $10 to get in and another $10 to play? Are you running standard or high definition TVs? Because if its SD i could possibly capture for you.

Yay!! This is on my birthday!!! I’ll definitely be out for this one, that means everybody will lay back and let me win right? Saggitarius’ for the win.

I want to make this one but I have a theater install to do at 9am. If I finish I will make it. I will drive straight from my job to the tourney if it’s not to late.

The vast majority will be standard definition since it’ll be mostly CRTs.


Excuse me but what system will SSF4 be on? I’m assuming Xbox 360 but I’d like to know for sure just in case. And as long as the weather is good I should be there with a couple of the local guys from my area.

Both systems will be run.

In other news, keep an eye on this space. I may need to change the time.

Starting time has been pushed back to 3PM.

Does that mean there aren’t any casuals beforehand?

There’ll probably still be casuals since at the very least people will need to test setups.

Over next door at the firehouse subs eating… Can’t wait for this to start.