Ergonomic mouse alternatives/ideas

So a couple hours ago I was holding the TV remote and I noticed a certain part of my wrist was hurting a bit. This is likely due to frequent usage of a computer mouse, because my other wrist was in no pain. Anyone here do anything specific to make mouse usage less irritating? Those wrist pillow things look okay, has anybody tried them? I’ve never used other peripherals (excluding those near-unbearable laptop components), how do some of them compare ergonomically?

I use a Razor Death Adder and it feels great. Also, in your avatar is that Val Kilmer or dumb and dumber?

From my experience the Logitech Revolutions are really comfortable to use. A little pricey but they are really great mice. My uncle uses his all day and he never complains about wrist pain.

trackballs are the truth, learning the keyboard shortcuts and using them more (along with finding programs that let you make more use of them) is also helpful too

I have used one of these before:

They feel strange, and my wrist actually felt tired after using it. I did not like it, probably because I have no problems using a standard mouse. However, it could help. They are really sensitive, so I guess they are designed for minimal movement.

i use a giga ware mouse never had problems

Hah, it’s Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber.

Thanks for the suggestions people. The sideways one looks like a good idea but weird at the same time. When I try imitating that motion it’s like a new pain is trying to relieve the older pain. Almost feels kinda good. I’ll look into those other products as well. The irony of using something called “Razor Death Adder” to alleviate wrist pain is funny though. :lol:

I thought I would mention a wacom tablet.

Yeah if you want to get screwed over your money for 5 inches of workspace. Granted I did get a deal from Craigslist for a 12x12 Intuos2 for $60.

Honestly though I think it’s more to do with seating and height position rather than mouse ergonomics, but I’m not an expert.

My friend used to have a lot of RSI related pains
since he had to use a computer setup a lot for work.
It really cuts a lot of video-gaming time.

Now he uses a 3M EM500:
Previously called Anir Ergonomic Mouse.

Before you hunt down other input devices get ergonomics correct first.

The following is my own personal pointer device setup:

Pointer Device Setup with keyboard gel wrist rest.
The wrist rest is really soft and creates the ideal height for my arm to rest on.
I have found that most mice rests are too hard and too high.
I admit I am hypocrite about ergonomics here,
since when using the mouse my wrist is hovering
in between the wrist rest and mouse,
while your forearm should actually be totally free.

Sounds less scary then the Razer Death Adder, it is a Razer Diamondback.
I use this setup since 1996, obviously with another mouse and wrist rest.

wrist rests are a recipe for rsi or carpal tunnel. any constant tapping on the meta carpels is bad.

also making your feet angle upward while sitting is also proper ergonomics.

the evoluent mouse sucks. (imo)

the key to mouse ergonomics is a loose grip, try and keep your wrist straight (move other parts of your arm to help), and most importantly if gaming, take breaks ! and stretch

After paying more attention to how I use my current mouse (basic Microsoft optical) I don’t think a better mouse will make much of a difference if it’s about the same size. My fingers are quite long and apparently my hand hangs off the back, with my wrist pressing against the mousepad. My hand just pivots at the wrist while my forearm remains stationary. That rotation combined with the pressure must be what’s causing the problem, and I figure a fancier mouse would have the same drawbacks even if it’s more comfortable for the rest of my hand. So I guess the best bets right now are the sideways mouse and the joystick-looking thing. Read some reviews and some people say both of those are a bit on the heavy side though.

Wacom tablet looks pricey, I’m hoping to be a little more economical.

I use an ages old MS Intellimouse Explorer. One of the first optical mice available.

I’ve had this mouse for many, many years. It has been the best damn mouse I have ever owned! The thing just doesn’t die! I have never had any wrist problems either.

I think it the way you position your whole body if you want to avoid wrist problems. The mouse helps, but wouldn’t be the main cause of your problems.


#2 you stated all your bad habits, just correct them. i dont have the joystick, but i cant imagine it being comfortable especially picking it up like a mouse. and i personally own the evoluent 3 and its the biggest pos ever. stretching, a loose grip, and proper ergonomics is all thats needed. also its best to have the mouse directly in front of your body somehow (usually a keyboard tray helps)

Call be boring or unwilling to accept change but the normal old-school mouse shape is still probably my favourite. I find that–with ergonomic mice–my fingers either dangle off uncomfortably, or the mouse forms to my hand at rest in such a comfortable position that it’s akward when I’m actually moving it around. Maybe I just have a quasimoto hand or something. :rofl:

Sorry to derail the thread a little, I figured this would be a good place/time to ask…
What should the life expentancy be for a good-quality mouse?
In the past four years or so, I’ve been through about four different mice; they keep breaking on me. They’ve all been mid to high in the price range, Logitechs and Microsofts. (Aside from Razer, I thought these were the best brands.) All my previous experiences with mice (even ball ones) is that they were much more dependable and long-lived than this crap.

This is an extreme, right?! Are mice these days actually supposed to suck so much or am I unknowingly doing something bad to my mice through normal use or do I just have really bad luck? I’m about sick and tired of breakdowns. I figure I’ll buy a Razer to replace my current (breaking) one and keep the receipt in a very safe place.

shit four mice in four years? I’ve stopped buying gaming mouse because they usually break by frayed wires within the first month. Let’s just say Razer can kiss my ass. My Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 is still working after over a year because they didn’t manufacture it with crappy frail parts I’m guessing. Too bad all the gaming mice these days are built with shitty materials and DPI claims that should be questioned for their tracking and accuracy. I guess if you’re gonna slap $60-$80 for a mouse you might as well cut corners to make a shitload of money. I should honestly just go back to ball mouse because the tracking isn’t questionable, and doesn’t cost $80.

Thanks for the answer, man. Yep, unless my memory has been fooling me it’s been four mice in four years… the cheapest was $30 and the most expensive was $90.

I’ve been hammering Google for reviews that actually perform benchmarking tests to ensure I don’t drop coins on unfounded claims. Are gaming mice really made with cheaper components? I haven’t decided if I feel surprised or not!

How is your wrist doing Gaijinblaze?

A lot of claims for gaming mice are indeed crap.
Sujoy Roy from ESR has developed a benchmarking setup using a turntable:
ESReality MouseScore 2007

The first optical mice I encountered needed a special surface with a grid on it.

2005 June 14
I wanted to replace my Logitech MX300 (Which replaced a Logitech M-BD58.)
and choose the Razer Diamondback
because of the shape, it is low in height, the material of the two main buttons
and just wanted something different.
Keep in mind I am not a PC gamer where they aim gaming mice at,
I just wanted another mouse.

2008 May 25
I still use the Razer Diamondback.
As for the cheaper material,
it indeed uses materials that wears out faster:

  • The feet, they get thinner fast so they can sell you the better feet.
  • The cord, it is so thin and curls up fast so they can sell you cord holders.
  • The plastic scratches easily.

Hahah, two of those broke on me. It’s a shame because I liked the feel of those mice better than any others I’ve ever used. Their breakdowns have made me highly reluctant to pick up its successor (G3).

I’m currently using the Microsoft IntelliMouse 4.0–which I picked up after hearing nothing but good things about the 3.0–and it’s breaking down on me as well. Tracking has deteriorated and become a little bit skippy, but more importantly the left mouse button has become incredibly unresponsive: it takes me five or six physical clicks to get one that actually registers.

Sorry to ask the stupid question… Logitech and Microsoft are good brands, right?!!

It’s not too bad, thanks for asking. I’m mostly trying to prevent further pain, the pain right now is mild and intermittent.

That site actually has the one I’m using now (MS Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1A), but the guy put a lot of emphasis on laser precision for gaming and such. I just need something comfortable that I can use for long periods without physical repercussions. The MS Comfort Optical 3000 is on sale at a store nearby for $10, I guess it would be stupid to not check it out at that price.

Here are some links that might be useful, the first one has information about the Evoluent and 3M joystick. Might end up having to splurge on one of those if the 3000 doesn’t work out. Here’s hoping I can find them locally to test before buying, because just about every mouse out there seems to be hit or miss depending on the user. - heard some good things about this - just tips on proper mouse usage