Ergonomics issue - recommend a keyboard without number pad?


(I guessing you fine folk all have optimized workspaces, so hope this is On Topic…)
I’m getting shoulder problems, and think it might be better with a more compact desktop arrangement. I’d like a good Asus G Series Keyboard that doesn’t have the useless number pad. The problem is the “good” part of that.
Can anybody personally recommend a PC keyboard with no number pad?
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This is what I rock for my machines in the basement or whenever I go to a LAN. No numpad, Cherry MX Blues and fairly cheap for a solid mechanical keyboard.

There are MX Red and MX Black versions as well.


That’s a pretty good recommendation. If you like FPS/RTS games and want great responsiveness go with the Cherry MX Black or Red’s as they provide even feedback. Red’s are slightly more sensitive than blacks. The blues/browns are usually preferred more if you are going to be doing a ton of typing.


I’ve been using this Leopold tenkeyless for about a year now and really love it. Very light and has a detachable usb cable so it’s easy to travel with (I’m a programmer so I bring it on the commute in a shoulder bag). Cherry MX browns, so better for RTS/Typing. As above poster said, Black/Red have linear actuation so they’re better for fps but might feel funny when typing or hitting “hotkeys.”,tenkeyless&pid=fc200rrabn (same site also has a labeled one, I picked unlabeled simply to be able to swap caps around if necessary).

It’s a good choice if you were looking at Filco tenkeyless but wanted a slightly cheaper solution. It does have slight squeak issues on the big keys but it’s nothing too bad.


I’ve got a friend who swears by his Noppoo Choc Mini. If you want a good, compact keyboard, I haven’t seen one smaller than that; the arrow key positioning might take some getting used to, though, if you’re not coming from a laptop background. I’ve been eyeing it to see if I could fit a Raspberry Pi into it for the past month, but he won’t let me take it apart (which is apparently really easy, from what I’ve read).

I currently rock an Apple Bluetooth keyboard on one desk (size considerations, plus the wireless was necessary), and a Rosewill full-size on another. I’ve gotten used to the Apple keyboards from my laptops, but having Cherry switches is just more pleasant to type on.


I like mechanical keyboards like the ones mentioned before, but if you are lookin for somethin like the ASUS G series, dealextreme sells a black clone of the apple mini keyboard that is pretty nice for that kind of keyboard.


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