Eric Garner Chokehold Police Brutality VIDEO : Black Man Killed By Police


What I find interesting is now in the original video that a bystander shot he says Garner was breaking up a fight not selling cigarettes…

And De Blasio needs to stop trying to politic around this epidemic in NY saying its “very troubling”. They killed a guy on the streets, again


Cops are just hired bullies and murderers.


I shudder at the thought of the ridiculous shit that will certainly be spewed in this thread.

Spewed like a monkey spewing shit into its hand and throwing it at another monkey, after which that monkey decides to eat the shit, gets mad at the fact that it chose to eat the shit, and then flings it’s own shit back at the first monkey in a futile shit flinging loop.

Maybe I’m just cynical.


No, they’re just normal dudes who don’t know how to do their job effectively.


Oh, yeah? Go do a bit of research on what cops are really about. They are just hired thugs of the government. Cops are actually not obligated to “serve and protect”. All they do is enforce laws no matter what the law is. If it’s legal to murder anyone just to keep people in line with their fear and intimidation tactics, they will do it. They are just brainwashed meatheads.


It think it would be better if you were approached by law enforcement, to give yourself up and be taken into custody even though you may be innocent. Also have a number for lawyer handy for your phone call. It saddens me that we live in a country where you cannot explain your position to the dogs sent to capture you, but then again their job is not to interpret the law, but to merely follow and execute orders. Land of the free and home of the brave…


People are actually intimidated by cops? Lol OK.

Calling the nation’s police force some kind of national government conspiracy to oppress the people is giving the government and the police too much credit. They aren’t evil, they’re just incompetent.

Cops are just normal dudes. You hand a normal dude a gun and a badge and there’s always a chance something stupid and sad like the Eric Garner death will happen.


Just do some research, man. I understand that they are just regular guys, but they are highly misguided and ignorant. Cops are trained to treat other human being as mere animals. Also, the world is run by psychopaths. Also look up the real meaning of the word “government”.

We live in a damn police state which is fascist by definition.


Racism is alive and well I see. :frowning:


By “do some research” do you just mean “check out some conspiracy theory websites”? Because if that’s the case, no thanks man.

Maybe you should do some research with a dictionary or Wikipedia about what “police state” and “fascist” mean.


So the cop who beat that woman senseless on the highway wasn’t evil? The shithead who killed Oscar Grant and this guy? There is a difference between incompedent and continuing to choke someone who repeatedly tells you he can’t breathe with four people on top of him in broad daylight on the sidewalk. Even if he was selling illegal cigarettes a normal person would not have reacted they way these mindless idoits did. Clearly they didn’t have anything on him or else they would have said so and cuffed him. He’s standing there with his hands in the air saying dont’t touch me and gets chocked to death from behind, not normal.

And the way the media still tries to subliminally justify stuff like this by repeating that the victim was arrested previously for selling cigarettes is beyond tasteless. Trayvon, Oscar Grant etc


They won’t suffer a penalty, they go on living while another family is broken up off lawful murder.

Nigga said he couldn’t breathe, nobody eased up.

But those cops won’t have to suffer anything but 4 extra minutes in a seminar.

The world turns.



You make a cop feel disrespected your ass is getting a whooping.


SRK never fails to deliver.


Power, adrenaline, and fear make you do stupid things. Same thing happened with Rodney King, same thing happened with all these guys.

I don’t know these people, so I couldn’t tell you if they were evil and neither could you.

If you think I’m trying to justify what the police did by calling them stupid instead of evil, then lol no I’m not. I hope the people involved with the case rot in jail. A person died for doing nothing wrong, of course there’s no justification for it.


Yep, such is life. At least in the US it’s a bit rarer, in other parts of the country corrupt cops are the norm.

In this world you either grasp power and can force others to leave you alone, or you are subject to the whims of others.


The last part wasn’t directed at you I was just mentioning it. I just disagree with your rationale for these events. Rodkey King in particular where you have multiple guys beating a guy on the ground who can barely move. You can’t put that on anything except malice intent especially seeing their reactions after they got cleared. No remorse, no apology just smiling and laughing

I agree adrenaline and fear do play a role but its in context. In this case what was there to be hyped up about and scared of when a guy says stop messing with me, leave me alone then puts his hands in the air and says don’t touch me? If that shit scares you then the last thing you should be is a cop because in all reality he was behaving how you’d want someone to. He wasn’t aggressive, wasn’t beligerant and wasn’t resisting

You dont have to know someone to look at something they did and say whether it was evil or not. I don’t know George Zimmerman but what he did was evil…


Not to take away from the thread but I think this should have been in the bad cops thread.


It already is, but only a small group of us even post and comment in there.

Thread title is a little sensational with the black man killed by police part, but yeah, NYPD is wildin man. Like the LAPD of the 80s and 90s. Dude is on desk duty for now, but will never see jail time, even though they have been told now for years to not do the chokehold, and yet thousands of reports still come in that it is still constantly used, and in this case it added to the death of this man, if not the direct cause, with the latter being harder to prove. This guy wont even lose his job. The public is essentially going to have to chop this one up as a normal situation (even though youre not suppose to use the chokehold) gone the worst way possible.

I posted a link to a long article about police militarization in the lounge, and this is yet another example of that. You did all that because he was allegedly selling cigarettes? Who gives a fuck about that shit. Well the NYPD does, because on top of individual issues with officers, they are also pressured to make arrest and keep those numbers up so they can get more federal government funding, and get those stats looking good, so they public thinks it is much safer.

I bet if the NYPD didnt have such heavy quotas for arrest, this incident would not have happened. The cops would be like, who cares, hes not hurting anyone, and try to go find some actual “bad guys”.


I guess It’s easier for some people to hold prejudice and categorize an entire group of individual human beings who are innately as different from each other as you and everyone you have ever met by virtue of you and them being living people. This is because they either feel as if they were wronged by a select few or have had their opinion skewed by the media and stories heard. Despite the fact that it’s reasonably, logically, and statistically impossible for a group consisting of literally thousands of different people to be entirely or arguably even mostly any one thing. A group as large as the police force consists of so many innately unique people that there are multiple types and extremes present(such as good, bad, smart, dumb, responsible, corrupt, lazy, dedicated, violent, lenient) all depending on the person, where they are, who they’re around, how they were raised, and how and what their training has been. Basically, they are human beings, because there isn’t some fucking cop factory pumping out heartless machines of death and destruction.

This type of shit comes from people naturally dehumanizing the things they dislike.

If someone you trusted completely, you knew was reasonable and considerate, and was notably selfless decided to join the police force, are they automatically a government drone that goes out and does bad things? Nope.

They’re that same person with the same morals and standards and shit, just like if someone you didn’t trust and thought was an asshole, racist, or whatever decided to join the police force. They’d still be an asshole.

There are police out their who die saving people’s lives, who do their job, and who don’t get carried away.

There are also dickheads who choke defenseless people to death on the street for no good reason.

I mean, it’s not even hard to find examples of good cops, or cops doing good things even on the internet, that shit isn’t hidden, people just want to focus on negatives.

There are many things that are fucked about American law enforcement, but the entire collection of police can not be blamed by the actions of some.

I’m trying to refrain from jumping into this shit flinging, but i’m perplexed by how people can reach such a level of unearned bias.