Eric Kim v. BChan CvS2 Money Match!


Eric Kim wins first MM 1-0

BChan wants to run it back…

Eric Kim wins second MM 2-1

BChan wants to run it back…

Eric Kim wins third MM 2-0 for FREEEEEEEE!!!

If you missed this, you missed a piece of history.

BChan wants to run it back for $50 at Evo East :wow:

Oh shit!

can I play both of them at evo east $20 each first to 3 ??

LOL damn…someone needs to hit the lab and practice up

man what the fuck where are the vids :tdown:

Are u going to Evo North? I’ll play u first to 3 for $20

EPIC!!! thats all i can say right now. im still in shock at the fact that it went down. two giants in cvs2 in a money match that has been brewing for some time now. im just glad i was there to see it in person. this was more hype and much much better than sanford duc. and its not over.

my greatness has been established. i think its high time for me to retire in cvs2, on top

you play cvs2? traitor

GS to B Chan for running it back x a million. A true warrior. Evo East is gonna be mad hype. I’ll stop whatever I’m doing to watch this.

Haha good stuff, guys. A matchup of the titans like this one definitely needs its own thread. How much money did Eric end up winning?

BChan is like someone playing SF against the computer, and Eric is the computer. BChan can lose and lose and lose, and all he has to do to play again is give the machine some more money.


How long that shit take 234123123451423 hours?


Mad loot son.

godlike. snaaake i’ll mm depending on how things go tonite

not really. not blocking tends to make matches go by real fucking fast its fun

damn bchan wtf is going on

when does the dvd come out?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

not blocking? sounds like you were playing Marvel.

i mean what ever it happend. im just tryin to get better. this shit got hyped up for no damn reason. to much pressure for freinds just practiicing for evo . erick won good shit. but ill play it again. ill even play snake. it just takes all the fun out of it when its so much turmoil so what ever