Eric Kim v. BChan CvS2 Money Match!

Pressure? Turmoil?

Son, you’re taking all of this shit way too seriously. There’s no pressure, unless you put it on yourself.

There’s no turmoil; it’s all jokes. In case you haven’t noticed, everybody makes fun of everybody around here. I said Pat looks like Chang yesterday. That’s not nice… but we’re going to NC together today. It’s all good. Nigs take shots at Cockman all day long. It’s still cool. Eric K hit me with some shit that devastated my soul a couple days ago, then we got up for some CvS. Devil Jin threw a little jab at me yesterday, and lord knows people say shit about him all the time, it’s still plenty likely that I can be found at any one of the many Popeye’s locations in the continental US at any moment with that fool.

You’re taking this shit to the heart. Calm down.

EDIT- My own custom user text is making fun of myself! Did you see how stupidly I got knocked out of CvS last weekend?

Who cares?

^^^^ Well you did make a whole topic regarding this in the tournament results forum. That’s pretty serious business if you ask me (even if the whole thing is a joke). I really wanted to see 50 dollar match go down tho…

Yeah, no need to take things all seriously B Chan. If you wanna play for money you can if you dont you dont have to. We’re fighting gamers and it’s kinda in our nature to push around each other. We dont play in teams (at least not when it counts) like other types of competitive games. When it all comes down to it we’re all trying to knock each other off and we just play on that in the forums. That’s the spirit (lack of sportsmanship, professionality…whatever) of SRK.


its all good i aint worried good luck in nc nigga tell steve the same

Trailer Now!

bchan take him out son

ERIC K. for president
ERIC K. CLONE for vice president

who do you use eric? i didnt know you even played cvs2


Re-match tomorrow.

My money is on BChan this time.

What will happen? Run it back!


money on kim…:rofl:

SNAAAAAAAAAAKE, what’s your PayPal?

I got $20 on BCheezy

Oh God.

Fucking epic.

BChan wins 3-2.

Eric’s Short Kick goes out in the 4th match, Eric plays on and winds up losing the fourth and fifth match.


Get this money.

SNAAAAKE, where’s my money son?

BCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. lol. damn im pissed i missed it.

well…I never agreed to anything OFFICIALLY but good shit bchan lol :tup:
any videos ?



Vids up soon. The camera died before the last fight though.

good shit bchan

I dont know…i really think Bchan owe him a rematch for all that lk shit. Good shit though…after how sick he was all day, im surprised he made it through those matches. And surprised I made it through that car ride without wanted to stuff a sock in his mouth :rofl:


I think that we should play a money match in CvS2. first to 5 for 50 :tup:. Oh yeah, I remember when we met at one C3 last year and we had a convo similar to this:

Snake: Hey what’s up Shinshay?
Shinshay: Hey Snake, nice to finally meet you.
Snake: Damn man and just think all this time I thought you were asian (LOL).
Shinshay: (smile) Yeah man…who would’ve ever thought?

BTW I am asian.

Ja Bai Naiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…~