EricGGMusic & MysticGaming Presents: MvC2 Low Tier Tournament #whoknows


So the tournament that we have been talking about will finally come. MvC2 low tier tournament brought to you by myself and MysticGaming AKA GoForBroke AKA imashbuddenz AKA w/e you name this nigga

FT5 all the way through the bracket
FT10 for winners/loser/grand finals
Pick anything from banlist = DQ

Post results here. You will ONLY be allowed to enter if you register here in this thread. If you got some friends that want in the tournament but don’t have an SRK account, don’t bother signing them up because I ain’t chasing random dudes on PSN to get their matches in.

If you can’t find your opponent, message me.




War Machine
Iron Man
Black Heart
Tron Assist (Projectile)
Jugg Glitch

May I also say that this should and will be the low tier banlist for all future low tier tournaments on SRK-PSN. Good luck to everyone.

Register below with your PSN as well as your location. #LEGGO

PSN: EricGGMusic
Location: Toronto


I don’t need cyclops to win!! You know me, I’m in!!

Location: TX


You know I am in. I wonder if KD is going to be in and VDO.


AHAHAHAHAHAHA LMAO. yoooooooo XD. I’m in as long as VDO is in


People ask for it but no one joins -_-


Haha. Right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe you should sticky this


Consider it done. Don’t forget to add Juggy’s glitch to the list.


So just to be clear… Jugg glitch is NOT allowed?


I’m in.



i actually dont mind it. mystic doesnt want it though


I believe Juggy’s glitch is worst than T.Bonne’s. He does more damage and since it’s activated. A head crush can kill an opponent and or do 60-80+% damage


OK, thank you both.

I’ll still get in.

PSN: Juggrknott
Location: N. Carolina


I don’t think Jugg glitch is worst than Tron. If you get hit by a headcrush, then you deserve to get hit by a headcrush regardless whether it did 1 point of damage or 100 points of damage


When is the last day to sign Up??
If someone accidentally picks a banned character do I win the set??


I guess if they message you saying it was a mistake, then just count the next game. Don’t have a last day yet


where the hell is pugjainer and askynightly? Thought them two wanted in on this shit!!


oh you know im down. I use juggs and never really use the juggy glitch, its to much of a risk cuz one you power up everyone will be waiting for the tag. its no where near as bad as trons, not even the same ball park or even the same sport.

psn. sm00thassassin


Sm00th you don’t need Juggy glitch. Without it your Juggy still better than all other Juggy
Also what most people do to counter tagging in is they alpha counter or whatever it’s called


A smart player will find a way to tag juggy out. :slight_smile: