Erm, I cant do mk > L.yogar fire?



This is normal trial 3 I think and I want to learn to use Dhalsim so what the hell am I doing wrong here?
Is it a cancel or a link? neither seems to work.
And I’ve got Dans, Ryus and Kens trials (normal and hard) completed so I’m no execution slouch.
What the fuck am i doing wrong?


also check the trails thread =/

its a cancle


any particular reason they decided to make this cancel stupid?
So I can shortcut it by >df, b.lp instead of doing the motions they, you know, put on the fucking command list?


yeah those are the origional commands, some reason sf4 has shorcuts like ken df,df,p = srk


I can’t do it on stick either…and i’m G1 with like 3 thousand wins.


try it slow and fast, df,b,lp, qcb.lp

try ending with upback, i found when i started to do this move i was pressing lp to early but when i travled to UB i pressed lp at the corrct time and sometimes even on UB and it still came\comes out

put input display on in traing mode


Go into training mode and put on input display, you’ll quickly find out what you’re doing wrong. If you’re not doing in correctly, adjust your inputs. If you’re doing it correctly, then adjust your timing.


hopefully you’re doing Back mk (which you probably are D:). There’s a rhythm to it and you can’t mash the yoga flame out. After you do, you immediately input quarter circle back and time when you hit lp button. Just practice it and you’ll get it eventually :x. It’s frustrating, but it’s worth it when you learn it assuming you play dhalsim.


Yeah, make sure you’re holding back when you press medium kick. To this day I can’t understand why capcom wasn’t more explicit in trial mode. While it doesn’t feel like an afterthought, it definitely could have used a bit more polish. It sucks when the game is telling you to do something the wrong way, or in this case not being specific enough. The option to actually watch the combo be perfomed would have helped immensely.

Fortunecookie, you have my sympathy.