ERr this may sound stupid but how do u get a M.S.F RANKIN without cheatin?

??? I can get an XS if i play with Q or HUGO, but without cheatin (system direction) How do u get a M.S.F? OR Even a SS++??? Parry ur ass off?

grades are decided on the amount of attacks connected and blocked. i got msf with chun just by counter poking every single hit so that i had no whiffed or missed hits and i connected super as soon as i had it.
you don’t have to parry a ton, just don’t get hit and parry the things that would hit you.
i really wouldn’t waste time going for it intentionally it will just happen at some point when you are playing the game against computer for shits and giggles. just practice your zoning and you’ll probably get one its fun to play for grade sometimes but it really doesn’t mean anything.