Error code 80003 failed to retrieve data


This is not the message you get when it fails to record your matches right away. I started getting this message tonight when i boot up my game. I am unable to login which makes street fighter V pretty much useless. I did a Google search and seen people asking questions but they pretty much went unanswered. Hoping someone here can help.

I am on ps4


PSN is under maintenance right now. All the network problems is on Sony’s end.


Oh thanks just got home from work had no idea it was down. I was about to delete and reinstall


I’ve had this issue for two months now, in the UK. Can’t connect to the server, so can’t play online, can’t access the store and can’t earn any FM/XP. Game menu screen still shows v1.04, insists it’s the latest version when I try ‘check for updates.’ Surely it’s not just server issues and maintenance!

I’ve tried deleting the game and reinstailling it, it didn’t help. Someone on another forum recommended re-downloading and trying to play the game over wi-fi, but that didn’t work for me.

Other people are saying try booting the PS4 in safe mode and rebuilding the database, or adding the game to a router DMZ. I haven’t tried those yet, but thought they were worth mentioning.


That sucks that you can’t find an answer. I was just stupid and didn’t check to see if I was actually logged into psn. Capcom should offer some sort of definition for that code


Someone on the PSN forums solved this issue for me. Bizarrely, if you turn off your ISP’s parental block function (I’m in the UK, on Virgin Media, where they enable it by default) - the next time you boot up SFV it’ll detect the update straight away and start installing it. I’m now running v1.07, making my way through Balrog’s trials. :slight_smile: