Error opening zip archive

A couple of days ago I updated its zip archive and add the new data.
Today decided to open it and add one more thing, however, granted the application WinZip error: “The archive was empty or otherwise corrupt.”

When the file had become damaged, I do not know.

Are there any methods for recovery of archives in addition to built-in features in WinZip recovery?

Given below is a step-by-step method to repair ZIP files using inbuilt utility, which is available in a WinRAR application.
Or another variants I would suggest you only in case the guide can’t help you, you may see it below, last one is the most powerful, but not for all cases… ZIP Open File Tool

If you are looking for a way to fix corrupt .zip files, then you can use WinRAR program to repair the files. WinRAR supports a feature for repairing corrupt .rar as well as .zip archives. To repair corrupt .zip archive by using WinRAR’s Repair archive feature:

  1. Open WinRAR and click on File tab Open archive (or Ctrl+O).
  2. Select your corrupt .zip archive from your system and click on Open.
  3. Now click on Toots tab Repair archive (or Alt+R).
  4. Check Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP box and click on OK.
  5. The selected .zip archive will be repaired within a couple of minutes.