Error requesting server list!

I had some okay (laggy, but okay) games on Kaillera today. I finally meet up with a good player (some other SRKer, sorry I forgot who you were) and we’re playing but suddenly we get disconnected, and now when I try to get back on I get this message.


yeah dude, i dont know what it is but now I get the same error

I think that means the kaillera main server is down. Anti3d had their own client for awhile for such occurences but I don’t know if it’s still used at all or not.

edit: ^ beat me to it, lol

The master list (and are down. Use the client from, or you can get into servers from your “recents” tab in the client.

Oh hey you’re the guy I played with. GGs. :wgrin:

Anyways if everyone else is having the same problem…then…well, that’s good. Thanks.

BTW, where is my “recents” tab? Not familiar with MAME32++.

Ehh, West Wonderland is still up, so we are straight.

Join us. :slight_smile:

I’m getting the same error even when using the Anti3D variation of Kaillera. Any suggestions?

Try Supraclient.


EDIT: All the servers are down for me =(. Anyone else experiencing the same problems?