Error when attempting to reply to a thread

When you try to post again, it gives you the gotta-wait-XX-seconds countdown message. If you wait it out and try again, 90% of the time you’ll just get the same error. It’s really haphazard about when it will actually let you squeeze a post in at all.

I was surprised to see that nobody else has made a thread about this yet!
(Skimmed through both pages of this subforum. Apologies if I missed it.)

As far as I can recall, the only thread where I’ve experienced this is our local one.

Lots of us have been getting it in there. Does it have to do with the thread’s length? Are the servers too busy or something?? Or is there some sort of database corruption going on with that thread alone???

I’ve personally experienced this with Firefox 3 and 4, and I thiiink Internet Explorer 8 as well. Windows XP SP2 and SP3. No clue what the other guys are using.

Whoops nevermind, there WAS already a thread about this: