Errors with S/D



go search around in the fighting game discussion forums and search around for the cl0ckw0rk vs jwong vid.

very good match. and a perfect example of how good strider/doom is…and what the price you pay when you get caught at the wrong time…especially vs cable.

clock was dominant up until that point, from which then on doom/sent wasn’t strong enough to pull through for clock.

gj for both sides!


ya that was a good match. i thought clock had it won for sure. that was a PERFECT STRIDER/DOOM !! …until the pont where he threw out the short bomb :frowning: …( if it was )

im still sad … he could have had it but what a good preformance.

keep up the good work clock !:smiley:


that was a good fight. he caught wong a few times with that trap. the one problem i see with alot of s/d trap matches though… it seems as though they miss the launcher. i don’t know why, but i also see them doing lp, lp, lp, lp, lp while in orbs. now, i’m not sure if that’s to damage scale, but when i do it… i do, lp, lk, mp, mk, lp, lk, mp, mk… dash, launch, sj, magic, qcf+lp

i can’t do the dj combo, so that’s out, but why is it that only lp is pressed?

BTW, i kno that fireballs only come out when u hit punch.


people want to milk the orbs for everything they can. I’m pretty sure they add to chip more than the lk’s… I do only lp’s, cuz my scrubby s/d lp,lking spazes, and I end up switchin out.

…and I can’t do the dj combo either…


due to damage scaling i believe the dj combo does LESS damage than the regular magic excalibur. it’s just for show. actually the magic doesn’t do the most, i believe clock mentioned before that the most damaging air combo for strider is launch, lp lp lk qcf+lp

correct me if i’m wrong


hehehe…I had to switch for the same reason… can’t get enough of having the perfect trap only to switch out & jack up the rotation. :lame:


most of the time with S/D one error will cost u a bundle. either a wall climb, hit by psylocke, ragnarok, loseing doom, etc. all painful mistakes. strider has problems like this cuz he has to work hard in all situations in a basic traping manner.

alot of time its a screwed up trap that causes lots of problems and certainly striders low defence. part of the thing that helps strider/doom is of how other teams cant fight effectively against it. they must play in a whole different style.

S/D players often make the mistakes of not paying attention to the other players motive and just go in all out offensive. that is bad cuz ya sure u wanna put all the pressure on the opponent but at the sametime they are trying to make there own strategy and catch u in ur patterns.
thats y people gotta watch thier oponents carefully cuz they can c what is gonna go on and adjust it, its the beauty of strider/doom. u can adjust the trap so u can work with that and adjust it most mistake.

just my opinion on things. :smiley:



This is the casual match online right? I’ll get you guys know what I was doing in that match (well, the mistakes at least).

That HSF I did towards the beginning was an accident. This was the first game of marvel I played all day Thursday, and plus there were no seats so I was playing standing and fucked that up. My fault!

2nd, he DHCs to timeflip and the drones hit him from behind, so I’m gonna dash forward and hit him. Again, I fucked up on the joystick and jump forward instead of dashing. My fault!

3rd, after I do my super secret Strider overhead, I fuck up the combo afterwards. It’s supposed to be something like, hit him a bunch of times, call Doom, normal jump combo him into rocks, superjump air combo. Fuk!

4th, I catch him in ouro. I’m supposed to combo, call drones, dash forward jab short strong fwd (drones hit), dash again jab short strong fwd into whatever. But I fuck up and miss the drones button so it comes out late or something. Whoops!

5th, I have a good momentum going with Strider. Of course, once you got that going, Cable players will shoot anything just to reset the pace of the match. This in mind, I’m gonna start my next ouro using bomb xx ouro. Unfortunately, I press the wrong button (LIKE A CHAMP) and get the short bomb. Dizzam!

6th, I can still win with Doom/Sent, but I fuck up the photon xx HSF DHC in the corner. I don’t know how either, cause that one is pretty easy. Oh well.

EDIT: oh and plus, I mess up a bunch of fly/unfly too if you watch closely



wow that list is pretty long huh!


wow…pretty damn good if you screwed up that many times…hahaha

and SNAKESHOTPEOPLE…since you thought this was a perfect S/D…you should see if you can find the UCLA cl0ckw0rk vs genghis 3 of 3 match. now THAT was a nearly perfect trap.

and more props to cl0ck to teleporting on reaction to those pushblocks so well in that UCLA match!


bows XD I want to go to evo2k4 and play S/D against you :slight_smile:


If you do play against Clock, get him drunk first. He’s really funny when he’s drunk.

Clock’s a beast. He was the only player in the top twelve that I played against who I didn’t manage to beat at least once in casual (played against 6 of 'em and lost a lot too). But playing against Clock is hella fun - I kept deciding to just block the Orbs and see how long it took him to break my block. He’s really good. I don’t understand why Kuan kept getting hit by the Orbs so quickly, but Clock’s quick overhead with Strider kept messing me up too. He’s the original and a clinic in how S/D works.

-Z (the Mag/Cable/TBonne guy who bet on Mixup against Clock in the Shilo tourney finals)


yeah CLOCK IS GOOD LOL i learned most of my crap from him LOL

but i visit los angeles, california like every vacation time i get… like winter/spring/summer

X_X i’ll beat him im determined to beat at least every high rank mvc2 player once… at least once… just once will make me happy lol them using their best… X_X JUST ONCE~!!! lol

so i’m going strider/doom/sent because i love Doom/Sent and Sent/Doom


ya i got that match and that was hella sweet :smiley: …genghis is one tought gun . props to both.

clock just keeps getting better and suprising us ! :lol:


worst error that can happen = wallclimb against team scrub…
strider dies so damn quick against cable n sent ,so to play S/D you definitly must have a good defense n when not on momentum
or you die and period.


depending if your have orbs on or not…lots of ppl have made recoveries through the rings with orbs on.

but when it’s off…well that’s another story. i can’t decide whether an accidental orbs off wall climb is worse…or a screwed up cancel into orbs with the bomb


That would be a tigerknee air flying move thing?


thats what i was wondering too… he’s really good at being vague


hahaha well try it out for yourself if you sj or not for that clockw0rk super top secret overhead.

the speed that was executed was like WOW…i wonder if it’s possible block that on reaction…because it’s pretty damn fast

i got my hands on more clockw0rk vids and something i thought was weird was that clock never does strider’s bird guard break…i wonder why that is…


I’d bet donuts that that’s what it is (TK air attack). I was able to block almost everything, but I was never expecting a quick overhead and he’d hit me with that (and thus start comboing me thanks to orbs) almost every time. Good sh*t. :slight_smile: He’s a fun fiend to play against.