E's Laf [Warning, Doujin Poverty]


Well, the game is still being developed at the moment. A new patch has come out for it recently, and with the help of a couple other SRK members, I was blessed with this download

Official Website: http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/cogwheel/E's_Laf/index2.html

Download: http://frst.hp.infoseek.co.jp/E's%20Laf%20ver0.21.lzh

It’s a fun ass training mode game, but I’m not sure how real matches would go


I’ll give it a shot.


Does it have online play?


No online play(at least I don’t remember seeing it). Remember, its just a demo. Only has 5 characters at the moment, and some of the stuff isn’t final


Team Poverty represent!

Also, let’s start a channel for this shit. #eslaf on efnet

Wow, this shit has horrible input reader and it kinda lags for some reason. :S


Ah ok. Looks like my computer can handle this so I’ll try it out. Main looks interesting.


Thanks, I’ll try it out. Video of the main character makes it look fast.:looney:


How do I get it to let me use my stick? Looks like the third tab in config is for none keyboard controls but when I click on a button to edit it doesn’t do anything.


Really? It works for my stick. I do know the config is kinda weird though, the tabs for the arrows go:


and my current button config is:


EDIT: It’s not an infinite :looney: [media=youtube]1LnQwhk1fsU&fmt=18[/media]


maybe it doesn’t like the xbox sticks. :frowning:


What do I do for the config? Is it already set so that all I have to do is click OK or is there something essential that I have to enable?

Hope that’s not the case. My only other option is a PS2/USB adapter and an old PSX controller.


If it doesn’t work then use joytokey.


Thanks alot! Worked swell.


[insert “donjon fighting engine” joke here]

Edit: This have netplay?

Edit 2: NM, I see it doesn’t ;_;


Looks like a solid little fighter. Would have been a hit in the PS1 days.


try Xpadder instead, I like it better than joy2key


I found out what I need to do to have joytokey register my stick’s buttons but I can’t get it to recognize stick inputs for the arrow keys.


you should really try xpadder …


If anyone has problems trying to run the game due to MSVCR71.dll missing, just dl it **here **and put it in the game’s directory folder.


I did, and it has the same problem. It won’t register the stick inputs.