ESC ELITE Skullgirls & UMVC3 Finals - August 4 @ A&C World


We are here finally, the finals for the ESC ELITE Skullgirls & UMVC3. We have been through Anime North, Wizard’s world and several qualifiers. Now is the finale!

Come join us for a celebration of Marvel & Skullgirls , Win prizes , cheer on players in the finals, jump in on casuals.

Pizza will be available [Limited Amount]

Raffle entry for everyone who buys a ticket:

PDP Versus Controller
Arcade Stick Parts

The line up for the finals :


[LEFT]DTC Viewtality [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ryan Ken[/LEFT]
[LEFT]UTSF Darkstorm[/LEFT]

[LEFT]ChachaMan [/LEFT]

At the ESC: THE ELITE SERIES Grand Finals, there will be an open bracket for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 & Skullgirls. This allows players who have not yet attended a qualifiers one last chance t the $500 prize pool.

Here’s how it works. Anyone can enter the Open bracket. The bracket will be played out until there are 4 people left on the winner’s side, as well as 4 people left on the loser’s side. From this point, these 8 players will qualify for the pro bracket, where the players who have already acquired seeding points await. The top 4 seeds out of the players that got seeding points will get a 1st round bye. The bottom 4 seeds out of the players that got seeding points will have to play the 4 players that qualified from the open bracket on the winner’s side in the 1st round. The 4 players that qualified from the open bracket on the loser’s side will retain their status in the pro bracket. Therefore they will be waiting in the 1st round of losers and will play the players that are defeated in 1st round winners.

This allows the players who attended the qualifiers to maintain an advantage for earning seeding points, while still giving an opportunity for a new player to come in and win the whole thing! The entry fee for the open bracket is $10 which is payable at the door at A&C games on August 4th.


Venue/Spectators: $10
Open Bracket Entry (per game): $10

update Due to the withdrawal of the UMVC3 sponsorship, there has been a change to the marvel finals prize pool. Please see the prize structure -


Good luck with this.


Is this 500 guarenteed or dependant on the entrants


i have a feeling the $$$ is going to get split


When is the open bracket starting?


If anyone goes and reads this please let the organizer know that I cant make it… Been trying to get work off but I can’t so just let him know plzz thanxz and good luck


Try and be at the venue before 12pm. A schedule will be posted at the event :).


Honestly thank god i read this today or i woulda been pissed to go there and see the prizes changed. Atleast put it in the title that the prize changed and not at the very bottom of the post… I was skeptical from the beginning and looks like enough people are gonna get scummed out


Hey it would be nice if the time was posted in the original post so people can make arrangements

I can make it by 1:30ish if I leave now. Can you let me know if you can add me, I don’t want to go there and find out that I am late for registration.



Shoutouts to ESChamp for organizing this event, to A&C for hosting the finals, and to Autumn Games / Reverge Labs for providing prizes for the finals for Skullgirls.

Next time, I think you guys should advertise the events better, though!


Bill, we finally have common ground in an anime fighter. come to CC2012 so i can body you in Persona


I thought you hated anime Steve, haha.

Is there gonna be a P4U tournament at CC2012?


shoutouts to fraudulent tournament winnings. lol