ESC Golden Horseshoe Clash

Super Street Figther IV : Arcade Edition

1st Loofus
2nd RPGv2
3rd ItalDan
4th Blitzman
5th Jungler
5th Killa Cam
7th ChaChaMan
7th Aerials
9th WB!
9th Steve
9th Dabmai
9th Sinoya
13th YRSF Beyond Human
13th Dr Gon
13th Ulterskoss
13th RobinRK
17th Julian
17th Roguelike
17th Old Man Omega
17th Avarice
17th YRSF Syn13

Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st White_R
2nd Salman
3rd Blitzman
4th RPGv2
5th ChaChaMan
5th Killa Cam
7th Rob
7th DG Sempai
9th A Block
9th Gavz
9th WB!
13th YRSF Pixels
13th Avarice

Shout outs:
YRSF - Dan, Raymond Hideyuki for helping me put this together I <3 you guys.
White_R - for making the amazing come back
Loofus - CONGRATZ on winning I REALLY loved watching you play

Shouts to you Hamilton - Your support is always unwavering, you guys are the best

Shouts to all who else who came and made the trip to support this event thank you so much guys

What happend to Blitzman’s free money?

lololol ^^

It was nice to see some old faces and meet some of the new kids. I don’t think I’ve seen Jack for 2 or 3 years.

Props to ItalDan. His Akuma has come a long way over the last couple years.

thnx nagata <3 it was nice seeing u dude!

Yeah it’s been too long man. Good to see you and hopefully you will come out more often to these tourneys man!