.Escape.III - Av.requests


Well, it’s about damn time i get my photoshop up and running, feels good to be back :smiley: Request away…

PS: Plz give some pics if you want a non sprite av.


I would like to request a Chun Li avatar that says: “I like low forward links!”


Yea, can you help me with an avatar?

I’ve included the pic. make a fancy background and animated, if possible. please include my sn and also “Dark Addictz” in it. thanx in advanced


Oh I’m in this, I’ll just sign up as the third in line.



Yeah I’d like an av with Morrigan, Mai, and Kyo(CVS1 sprites) in it in their winposes, with my name.


Wooo!! got some requests already :smiley: haha suprises me that Rei AND TG are requestin from meh :lol: Well, they’ll be done by tonight fellaz.


that’s actually MC, kyo87.


Yeah, sorry if I disappointed you.

:smiley: :lol:


I’m using that power-dn avatar for my next request, eric. w00t.


Whoops…damn initials!!! Oh well…MC with tha masta plan your av ain’t gonna be but sweat inside my hand. :stuck_out_tongue: my poor attempt to be a rappa. Well, your avs will get done!


Rei, sorry man i couldn’t fit your lil comment in the av :frowning: im a bad av maker!!! runs and hides in corner i hope you still like it! :smiley:


Curses!!! damn it i hate it when i forget to upload that bullshiet!! >.< :mad: grrrr


shorty_fox: here is yours man, if you don’t like it i can redo it :smiley:


I want you to make the best god damn avatar you’ve ever made with this sprite.


If it doesn’t kick ass I will kill you.




runs and hides Dood, don’t kill meeh!!!


Hybrid Fury, You’re av is the greatness =D


Damn, you brought Korngo out of the cobwebs.

See, now the avatar has to own everything, otherwise you just deserve to be hurt.




=O :lol:


Thanks man!


Lovely:cool: :cool: But just one thing, think you can make it animated? Please:D