Escaping from blockstrings?

I’ve got a pretty decent offensive game now but whenever I’m forced into defending the opponent can often turn the game around quite easily on me in one big rush down.

I often find myself blocking blockstrings but not knowing when to escape or what the best method of escape is. I usually end up trying to jump back out of them at a random point and alot of the time I eat some damage as result.

I’ve heard backdashing is an effective way of breaking free but exactly when do I back dash, I can’t possible learn every single characters blockstrings so I’m guessing there’s another way to tell?

If I could just bring my defensive game up to the same level as my offensive I would be so much better, any tips?

EDIT:I actually got perfected by a 10k Balrog the other day in one of the rounds because I just couldn’t get free, I managed to keep him out the next round and won but when they do break through my spacing game, i’m helpless.

Actually if you play enough, you will learn the other characters block strings.It is all matchup dependant I guess

You could , you know, block them.
On good blockstrings you shouldn’t be able to just “get out” maybe you’re losing because you stop blocking something that should be blocked all the way through.

Scrubs do bad blockstrings and scrubs are easy to spot, good players don’t and if your playing someone good try blocking.

Keep in mind that :db: can only block soo much. Know the where your hit box is exposed and block accordingly. I see too many peole fall victim to overheads due to down block.

Or you could just take advantage of the laggy/crappy netcode and mash DP and throws in between blockstrings like the rest of your kin.

Odds are, you’ll have a legitimate chance at stopping blockstrings and you’ll be praised for you psychic DPs (until of course they watch the replay and realize how much you suck).

Sorry, not having a good day :frowning:

tldr - blackshinobi answered your question

A lot of it comes from learning the block strings of all of the characters. If you’ve never seen what they look like before you don’t really have much of a chance. This is also why at high level they mix up their block strings so that their opponent isnt able to read them.

Most people you’ll play at this stage will do the same blockstring every time(and there is nothing wrong with that, you have to start somewhere) so once you see it you’ll know when there is an opening for you to jump or reversal or focus or backdash.

just take the block and backdash.
if u know when the string breaks buffer an srk and if it gets blocked hopefully u will have meter to fa it

I’ll tell you that I don’t know what to do against Grapplers when they are block stringing because if you hold up they’re gonna frame trap you and catch you. If you just block they’re gonna grab you. Mashing a reversal is always a bad idea and it’s impossible to know when to backdash because with the grab range on some of these characters (t. hawk what) they can jab you as few or as many times as they feel like it.

Oil Hakan wut?!?!

All you can do against grapplers is take educated guesses, and just plain guesses to escape. And backdash beats all options except OS and just guessing and countering a backdash. It’s all about conditioning and yomi after you know the counters. They have to guess as well and it sucks if they SPD and you jump. Or they go for combo and you just block or reversal which si so many times more annoying, so don’t think this is only one sided, they have to guess just as much as you do, so make them work for it.

You have to guess…they can’t beat all your options at once, they have to commit to something too.