Escrow Service suggestion



I’m planning on making a purchase of a couple candy cabs from another member on the site, because it is over $1000 and because of us being 1800 miles away from each other I am looking in to using an escrow service, have any other members had experience using such a service? Can any members recommend to me a legitimate service with low fee’s and also fill me and other forum members in on what to expect when using such a service.



try, thats what i used to get my cabs shipped to me.


I could never ever trust an Escrow service…because in french Escrow is the word for an imposter/scam artist/charlatan.


lol. Well he’s from North Dakota. I’ve never been there, but I imagine that’s close to as far away from French as you can get.


Im from L.A. but it has been a while now :frowning:


I used a looooooooong time ago when I bought my minidisc player from japan. Ahh memories.

By the way… Are you referring to the vewlix/astros thread put on by jason. If so, I have the same concerns as you. I’m looking to get the Vewlix clone.