ESN's Frame Data Site

I don’t know if anyone else checks this page out since I’ve only found it through ESN’s signature (humble dude) but if you haven’t checked this site out yet you really should.

It’s still a work in progress, but not only does it have complete frame data, but the hitbox display is really what made me want to make sure everyone knows about this. Has a heavy load time but totally worth it to really get a good understanding of your moves.

There’s also really cool supplementary info on the characters in the notes section like charts detailing what combos work vs each member of the cast.

Edit: Although I think I spotted a mistake. The Makoto data for stand jab indicates she wouldn’t be able to link it to another jab or a short when she is able to. Could be reading it wrong though.

standing jab x2 or jab-> short are chains with link like timing

although it is nice to see some hit box shenanigans visually

Thx! Glad you like it!

I mentionned it on the frame data thread a few months ago, but i haven’t finished collecting process yet as i had IRL issues and got a little demotivated with the OE mess. Also, it’s quite a long and boooring work.

Yeah, huge load time (and you haven’t try to display any combos i guess, it’s nearly not usable online :d) but i think i can improve this a lot as i currently display a lot of data not really useful for 90% of users. It’s on my list…

You’re probably right about Makoto’s st.jab. The data of the last four columns still come from old site, and as i can’t verify this myself easily. So,data will stay wrong until someone see them and report it.

Notes sections are quite empty right now, except for Gouki (but some are in french), but i’d like to reference (and show with hitboxes if possible) every little not-well-known thing, like Q throw invuln… May need help for this as i’m far from being an encyclopedia.

Anyway, work in progress (slowly)…

I still use the old site pretty regularly to check things. it’s super useful.

it helps me confirm what a beast ryu is. the new site i mean. get to check out the hitboxes which is pretty cool to verify some thoughts and assumptions.

very cool. thanks for all the hard work.

I’ve been using ESN’s site ever since I lost track of that one japanese site with the mega man esque icons for the characters. Good stuff on the hitboxes especially.

never knew about the jiro demon. looks legit, will start using.

(from akuma section) ?

Yeah that’s the one. Haha they we’re Final Fantasy-esque, not Mega Man. Oh man, but hey it’s been years.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention Pherai. And an even bigger thank you to ESN for compiling this great resource.

why didnt you scrubs know about this. its in his sig all day erryday.

Dope site, ESN. Bookmarked.

I can’t wait for those Urien hitboxes.

Perhaps not everyone has realized that ESN is a living breathing 3s encyclopedia

Yo ESN, thanks a ton, I’ve been using your site for years! Hi5!

My only complaint is you’ve still got old versions of your site online, and they come up in Google first – I didn’t find your new site with the awesome hitbox data until recently :slight_smile:

I’ll add a link on old version and deactivate other tests versions, to encourage people using new one.

I know right? FOOLS.