ESPN's 30 for 30

As a huge fan of both sports and cinema, I’m pretty high on these. ESPN actually got some quality directors to work with them. I love “based on a true story” cheesy sports movies as much as the next guy, but I feel like you don’t need to produce any extra drama for some real-life sports stories. The documentary feel of these films are pretty much perfect for me.

The Two Escobars is one I’m pretty hyped to see. The very idea that a guy could get murdered by a drug lord for making a simple mistake in a game of futbol is fascinating to me. So much backstory to go into, so many questions to be asked.

Anyone else been watching?

Edit: Check out their Youtube channel thanks to Satomiblood


I LOVED “Winning Time”. The story of the rivalry between the Knicks and the Pacers in the 90s… Reggie Miller giving the choke sign at the Garden… them’s the good times!

Winning time was great. As was the Miami Hurricane, the Bias one, and the Loyola Marymount one. The OJ Simpson one was meh though. It was just a bunch of difference scenes just spliced together, and didn’t really feel like a coherent story to me.

Run Ricky Run was great. I missed The U. Kings’ Ransom was good because it’s hockey, 'nuff said.

And I’m very intrigued by the Birth of Big Air that’s coming up after The Two Escobars because I was big into EXTREEEEEME sports when I was 10.

Winning Time was fucking awesome.

I haven’t watched the last two yet, but I listened to the podcast… :rolleyes:

God I love Reggie Miller.

just watched winning time, it was REALLY good.

currently checking out kings ransom. So far very good as well.

Lol the only one of these I saw on TV was the rotary baseball league doc that wasn’t super interesting

I just watched the Reggie Miller one. I fucking hate Reggie but that documentary was great!

I’m glad you made a thread for this. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of these. Winning Time and King’s Ransom have been my favorites so far. The June 17, 1994 is very good as well, kind of creepy as well looking back on all that in retrospect. I’ve only seen half of Run Ricky Run, and it looked quite interesting.

The Legend of Jimmy the Greek was okay, I watched it mainly because I was not familiar with him. I thought the Allen Iverson one was just okay, it seemed like there was a lot of personal bias in it. The fantasy baseball one was a huge letdown, I did not like the way they did it was the cartoon numbers and statistics in the background.

Without Bias was the only one I’ve seen all the way through. Every other movie I’ve seen from the series has been bits and pieces. But yeah, Without Bias was a really good bio pic.

Nobody else watched Guru of Go? That one was really great.

while everyone loved Jordan growing up i loved Reggie Miller. I was rocking his jersey back in the day. even went out and got a gem mint 10 rookie card.

I missed that one.

It’s the only one I actually wanted to watch too…

I’ve caught almost every other one by mistake. (Just being bored and randomly going through the channels)

I almost don’t want to watch the Reggie Miller one. That was a painful memory for me. I’ll catch it sooner or later tho, since I’m planning on watching all of them.

Without Bias was a pretty heavy one imo. Very well made. Being a Knick fan I’ve never liked the Celtics but it’s still a sad story of untapped potential. To this day I wonder how Bias would have done in the NBA. The kid looked like he had it all on the court. The physical gifts and the basketball IQ. I really wonder how he would have changed the franchise and whether he would have been able to give Jordan his true challenge at greatness.


Oh gosh you need to watch it… there’s this great scene where Reggie scored the 8 points in 8.9 seconds (oh yeah… take that Knicks fans…) and Mel Daniels is in a private suite watching the game with Donnie Walsh (GM of the Pacers at the time, now the Knicks GM…traitor…) and Donnie went to the smoking room and Mel is telling him “Donnie! Donnie! You’re not going to believe this! Reggie just tied the game!” and Donnie goes “Mel, stop #$*)ing with me, are you serious???” It’s too hilarious… Plus all the Spike Lee stuff… although I was pretty insulted by Spike Lee’s comparing Pacers fans to a KKK rally… but I’m a proud Hoosier…

Can these be seen in their entirety online? I ask because I cancelled my cable 2 weeks ago. I’m particularly interested in “Without Bias” and “Muhammad and Larry”.

However, I did manage to see “Winning Time” and “No Crossover”.

I saw all of them on youtube. the user ESPN30for30 has them all in parts

watched all of them so far

my favorites are in no particular order

Kings Ransom

The U

Winning Time

Run Ricky Run

and Straight outta LA

highly recommended for everyone if you can catch them

I’ll have to check YT again. Last time I looked, I could only find trailers for them.