Espot Random Team Tourneys @ Espot JC,NJ Fridays

Please Delete This Thread.

it has been changed to Thursdays

Sounds interesting. I’ll try and attend some of these as well as the monthly tournaments.

How is the area where the tournaments are being held? I know that some parts of Jersey City can be pretty wild and violent. That’s in any place you go, I know, but some places more than others.

But yea some info on area this e-spot is in would be cool.

Sounds dope tho!

Just to clarify, this isn’t happening this coming Friday and starts happening every Friday afterwards, correct? As in, the first one is on the 4th.


No one has ever had a problem Espot is a professional business. no shenanigans. and you won’t get robbed on ur way home…lol

Just because it hasn’t happened to you!

LOL…no need to worry about Espot Local it’s all good.

Yeah, I’ve never had a problem.

Im gonna go to this

From other thread. Good shit Ohmz. Glad everyone is so flexible to try and make things work.

Just a reminder the tuesday mini tourneys have been replaced by the random team tourneys on fridays. But maybe we can convince espot to do Tuesday and Fridays. Let’s see if they’ll go for that

As of this moment, I’d be willing to do 2 nights a week on a consistent basis. Either way I’m down for the proposed plan.

Im doing with a SF nite every nite. I want to get more offline play than online experience. Ill take whatever I can get.

Alright soundsss good lets just get that hype still up for the upcoming tournament i got madd work to do for this one man but its cooli got this shit on lock

Yo ED!!!
So is it Tuesdays and Fridays now?
Or just Fridays?


although just reminding you guys that on Tuesdays, 8 on the break has a weekly tournament that is drawing in quite a player base. It would probably be better if you guys planned the mini tournaments on a different day, to draw in more people.

I’ll most definitely try to make one of the friday random team tourneys sounds fun!:smokin:

saw the espots schedule, wow you guys have some good shit going on haha

8otB look like a cool place. But i doubt the espot crowd is gonna drive an hour there and an hour back on a Tuesday Night…and vice versa. It looks like a great place i wouldn’t mind checking it out on a weekend

Ohmz lol people get out to that 8otb turny. people from NY drive and, like myself, take the train down there to play the best from the east coast. (NY,NJ,PA) so it be the best intrest to do this on fridays. bc they get crowds of 18 - 30 ppl there every tuesday.

I’m probably dropping by this Tuesday to check it out, but I doubt I’ll actually enter.

No doubt. i’ll try to make it out there one tuesday. it’s just kind of a mission for me on a work night. That place looks dope though. i would like to check it out. If any of you espot guys go u should get the 8otb peeps to come to espot