Essence Weekend Tournament down in New Orleans La, Sunday July 6, 2008-(MvC2, GGAC &

Essence Weekend Tournament down in New Orleans La, Sunday July 6, 2008-(MvC2, GGAC & Super Smash Brothers Brawl)

Ok everyone due to my boss being on vacation I could not set up a tourney for last month so Ive decided to throw one final huge tournament before evo so here it is. This tournament will be held on Sunday July 6, 2008 of Essence weekend. Now if anyone is not familiar with Essence in New Orleans this is an African-American music and culture event that is always held over the Fourth of July weekend. The festival attracts nearly 200,000 of the best-dressed, fun-loving, talented, and committed people in the nation. You will hear the largest gathering of African-American musical talent in the U.S., as well as listen to some of the top-notch speakers in empowerment seminars. This is the lineup schedule for Essence if anyone was interested.

Friday July 4, 2008
keyshia cole
chris brown
kanye west

Saturday July 5, 2008
ll cool j
jill scott

Sunday July 6, 2008
mary j blige
chris rock
morris day
maze featuring frankie beverly

Hosted by
Jonathan Slocumb

See link for more detail on essence…

Now down to business.:devil:

Last Tournament was pretty intense with special guests such as Ruin from Vegas, Mike mixup and the Florida crew as well as the Houston peeps… The undefeated Chris (Magneto_X) dominated Toan (Totaltoange) from Houston coming all the way from the loser bracket destroying Toan 3-2 in the grand finals…:sweat::rock:
But a lot has change since then with people stepping up there game as well as a lot of new blood to the mvc2 scene…But can Magneot_x hold on to his title as the king of the south?? Who knows, there are a lot of people including myself who is hungry for the title and is willing to put their skills to the test… So is chris up to the task or will we have a repeat like trashday…[media=youtube]zMRzyliMkWc[/media]

GGAC attracted top rank players such as Kensou from Houston and the unstoppable Jan with his brutal Potemkin tactics…

I 've also decided to throw Smash Brothers as well just because people down here take that game so so serious…

6850 Veterans Memorial blvd
Metairie, La 70003

For more info regarding location please see link:

MvC2.Get hype nigga
Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Smash Brother will begin first @ 12pm
MvC2 will follow @ 2pm
GGAC will start @ 3pm

Please everyone that will sign up for Smash Brothers be on time because that game take just as long as CvS2…

This is a console tourney so everyone bring your own sticks…

Entry Fee for all games

Prizes for all games
1st place= 60%
2nd place= 20%
3rd place= 10%

**Organizer **
Patrick-(Vegita-x)contact info is 504-655-2963. If there is anyone that need a place to stay please let me know in advance. I can accommodate up to at least 10-15 people. Houston and the Pensacola crew already have a know who you are.

Super Smash Brother will ran on two big screen TVs see photo

Money match between Toan and myself…(Name your price) first to 10…:smokin::smokin:

Grudge Match between Johnny 5 and Big Chris from Houston…Johnny says its gonna be so free…

Who’s the true combofiend…? Grudge match between Gene Flowers (Houston) and Mr. Marvelous_One himself Duane McCorkle (New Orleans):smokin:

Hope to see everyone there…

We should be there of course…

but of course…say I’m having a get together this sunday for some marvel…hit me up if u guys r coming down…

I hope u guys been practing…I think me, chris and johnny are going to get top 3… Don’t think them houston boys are ready for the dirty south…lol

Imma try to come through with at least 2-3 people from GA. If we could stay with you that would be hella cool, save some loot and whatnot after the trip; im sure it would be marvel 24/7 anyway.

Sounds like a pretty hype tourney already. Looking forward to watching BucketHead and Marvelous_One duke it out.

Get Hype!

hummm i have to see how much room i can spare…it all depends how many people from houston come that is… I know mixup and the florida people already have a spot so just let me know if u do come out and exactly how many people u r going to bring.

Marvel is life

Looking at anywhere from 2-4 people right now. I know im coming down with my girl, im talking to people I know to see if they wanna come to the tourney and split gas costs.

Ill let you know once im positive on the number of people, no more than 5 people for sure.

Ok cool just get at me…

I have a feeling that Me and Johnny will be in the finals for marvel this time around…

Marvel is in our blood now… We are so fuckin hungry…IFCyipes that shit…

I think i can make this.

I don’t think so! I feel a repeat from last tourney coming.

Damn this sounds pretty cool.

Don’t know about that…I think this tourney should be very interesting…

Where your curly mustache at chris…lol Once me and johnny start we just can’t seem to stop…

Don’t care about winning or losing but focus more on execution !

Damn I think i might try and come down for this. This is Smoothviper by the Way and Pat maybe we could run back that first to ten we had from Final round in 2k7 u Down?

pat u know houston will be down for this.

man yall foos make me wanna go to this shit. mahvel is so uhhhhh

Ya’ll better be there! Im pretty sure pat is sorry about last tourney problem, but hey this one looks and seem’s pretty good. We have been playing a shit load so get ready son.

Was up man I didn’t know who the hell u was…yeah we can run that shit back but u know I don’t play rogue anymore so this time may be a little different…

O yeah and if u do come out u know u have a place to stay… Say try and bring some of those other east cost people with u if u can…

Holla back

Vegita-x & Johnny 5== The Future…

Yea i was watching the vids with u and Justin from final round.Mst and Msp I can’t wait most likley ill be going there by buss,So i’ll keep u updated peace.

Looking at 3 people Pat:

Myself, my girl Lauren, and my friend Lee.

If you think that you could help us out we can come for sure. :woot:

If u all don’ t mind sleeping on the floor it shouldn’t be a problem…but not sure if ur girl is going to be comfortable with it…?

We will be fine, she is a soldier XD

I really appreciate it man, im looking forward to it. :karate: