Essentials for High level play?

Now, with any game, there are some essential factors that you’ll need for high-level play, such as combos, matchup knowledge, etc. but since I didn’t play TvC, and am still getting used to MvC3’s system, I was wondering what people thought should be the essentials in this game.

So far, I’ve got:

  • Knowing the right time to X-Factor
  • Best order to put your team in
  • Knowing how to keep pressure

Picking Sent.

Just saying as he’s on 95% of the teams I play that beat me.

I’ve lost to Sentinels, and I’ve also torn into Sentinel woth V. Joe, so it’s all a matter of player skill, and if they choose to use X-Factor while Sentinel is on point, because I’ve seen Sentinel OCVs when he X-Factors.

Are you new to fighting games? Virtually any strategy articles on this forum will aid you in your quest in understanding this game.

But MvC3 specific, there is a whole wiki developed. Watch some MvC2 vids to get you on the right track.

Zoning, traps, spacing, rushdown are all viable strats that can get you started, experimentation and match-up experience is how you develop a right frame of mind to play this game.

Edit: Also pick Sent (arguably broken after day 1) and Dante (OP with more options then most of the cast)

Another amazing thread!