Esura's Street Fighter Sig

I made this last night after I made my Schalaroach avatar. I was wondering if other sig makers here and critique this so I could learn from my mistakes and make a better sig.

That a sig or a poster?

Nice poster!

Needs more effects, like blending and smudge effects. Also the colors suck ( I dont want to be a douche or anything and I apologize in advance if I offended you) but mix some colors up, atm it looks too bright and I feel like theres too much contrast.

Also needs more C4D :smokin:

The forum I made it for is quite lenient on sig sizes.

Oh, no offense taken. I wanted constructive criticism so I can make better sigs and you gave me that. I probably used too much overlaying layers which is probably why the contrast and lighting is like that. I don’t know how to blend or smudge though. Do they have that option in Adobe Photoshop CS?

EDIT: What is C4D?

I think he’s referring toCinema 4D or c4d renders. Cinema 4D is a cool program nonetheless. Me likey

cool sig btw

Yea you probably have to many layers, it looks like some are set to like screen, color dodge, overlay, or softlight. Learn how to smudge that will help a lot, usually its on the panel it like a little hand/finger. A C4D is short for a Cinema 4D its like a 3d render, like this they are godsend and can really help with cool effects, but you have to know how to use them and position them in the right place so mess around with those. You can also get the same effects with filters like ripple, displacement, spatter etc…

Look for tutorials man, and if you need help you can always ask me. Im not a pro at all, Im still learning but “some people” say that Ive improved :bgrin:


Only tutorials I looked at was one on how to use gradient tools for backgrounds.

And thanks for the offer.

Ok, I’m going to re-edit the sig with the advice you guys gave me then post it here.

Ah well you gotta look in the right places. GFX sites are nice.

Heres a few I’ve done :

Ya man post it up were alll friends here :tup:

Ok, I didn’t use that C4D thing, but I did your other recommendations. I also used that hand tool for blending, but I can’t tell if it did anything or not.