ESWC Returns - SF4 Tournament Planned!

Just came across this, ESWC was a major organization up until the economy went bad.
Good to see they’re back on their feet and have included SF4 in their new tournament structure!

$ 8,000 first prize, sweet! Should attract alot of top players.

Just a friendly warning…

I know people who are more familiar with ESWC are very skeptical of all the prize money that’s been announced (over $200k). I don’t know anything personally, but I have a lot of friends in the PC world who do not think ESWC will be able to pay out the prize money.

I’ll post again if I hear differently at some point.

they changed it to ssfiv and its this weekend… they’re playing as i speak or have already played, atleast some…

anyone has any news on results or score or something?

sorry, seems to be next weekend

why did the japanese have been disinvited?

the tournament has begun…

heres some results, the first group

well as you can se, Ryan Hart (UK) and LAUGH (Korea, Ryu) is the 2 players from group #1 that passed.

from group #2 Infiltration (Korea, Akuma) and Zak Bennett (UK, Balrog) are the 2 players that passed…

thats all i know for now…

No live video like before?

looks like both jwong, marn made it out of groups

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