Eternal Champions 3... was it even possible?

While I didn’t like the gameplay that much, I treasured (and treasure) Eternal Champions as the best use of the “tournament” storyline in fighters. I lamented the cancellation of the final chapter, even though I was never getting a Saturn.
Ever since I got good internet, I’ve checked the web on and off for leftover info on EC3. I think the findings in my year old EC3 thread still stand as most of what’s out there.
But there was an interview with the creator in 2005.

I knew this stuff. Still, seeing it in pure form raised a question I’m shocked I missed the first time: Just HOW was all that shit even possible? Dude spoke like he had certainty about the game, but he was on some grand stuff there. EC was a little popular back when EC3 would have been in development, and all these plans would take a year or two. I hear Sega Saturn had the third EC advertised as “Coming soon” right on the box. A year to two years probably was out of the question. Am I missing something? Was Sega of America’s budget and team good enough to pull this off at the time, or was dude just high on hope? After all, there wasn’t a huge time gap between EC and EC2.

Could EC3 have been made just the way Latham wanted it if Sega of Japan didn’t put its foot down?

I’m pretty sure Sega of Japan had this cancelled as to not conflict with Virtua Fighter in the US, iirc.

I know why SoJ canned it. I’m wondering if EC3 was even feasible.

Eternal Champions is the only reason I still have my SEGA CD at this point. I don’t think I can ever let this game go.

All hail Xavier Pendragon and Raven. :pray:

Me too. I haven’t played the actual EC:DftDC in years, but it’s the only reason my Sega CD even exists anymore.

Still, though… even if the “Infernals” were just Pallete swaps, there’s still the Dynamic Timeline. I don’t know how that would have worked, even before we get to 30 endings. What were they planning for hidden characters?

I wish I still had my CDX to play this. The way the “Infernals” sound, they could be pallete swaps, even though EC: CftDC had a few already (Larcen/Senator and Xavier/Thanatos) or perhaps completely new characters. Maybe they were thinking you can choose who to fight and depending on the choices and results, maybe that effected the endings and what not. The idea of the third force sounded pretty slick. I remember one of the endings from EC: CftDC mentioned something about the two sides fighting each other in a sort of chess match. Maybe that’s how it could’ve played out.

Holy crap thanks, I had this game for my Sega CD way back in the day, if only I could find it. I played the hell outta this game, Pendragon and Slash FTMFW!

I still have the Sega CD version of ET with casing!

Best fucking game ever, also has the greatest fatalities ever in a game :bgrin:

ET-CD was so funny. Luckily, there was no FAQ of players’ endings out there so I made one. :tup:

Oh, that was you? Kudos.

Man, this game was graphic. And I loved ever bit of it. Larcen was cool as shit.

I never knew SoJ had many strings attached to it. I thought since it was developed by a team outside Japan that their only concern was to publish it.

Also, this was yet another game where I thought the music was better in the Sega Genesis version.

Yes, that’s me. I also made a Genesis version before that one. :tup: