Eternal Champions: Challenge from the dark side thread


I would like to talk about a game i have loved for a while now, and a game i will no doubt get shit for bringing up here.
Eternal Champions was a game most either didn’t like or never knew existed. But there are a few who not only liked it, but understood what was so great about it.
If you were on the Sega side of the war, you may have heard of Eternal champions and how it was beyond challenging, You bet it was! And the challenge is what makes a fighting game great.
It was also unique is ways other fighters weren’t; ideas like hazards. or stage kills.
While the Genesis game was good, the CD game was GREAT! The flow of combat is still very good, and the idea of a special attack meter is something i wish more games had adopted. (SFIV, I’m looking at you)
Characters that might seem generic, were very interesting and original. And played remarkably well.
Combos were always easy to pull off and were nearly limitless in diversity. All this and more paired with a really superb soundtrack, made for a game many may have missed.
If you are technical enough to play it on emulation, or have a few pennies to rub together. i suggest anyone give it a try.
It’s a series that never got a fair chance, but should have.

Did i mention you get to play as an owl?


It’s one of the worst fighting games of all time – on par with Clay Fighter and Time Killers.

Sorry. :frowning:


haha my friend and I were going through every random FG we could on older consoles and we came across this. I have to agree with hondauser in that its not that great of a game. We tried to find the most broken shit and then moved onto the next game. I think that chick (Jetta maybe?) was the most broken, she can just divekick for free everywhere and then gets this speed buff and becomes rufus on crack.