Eternal Champions


Who remembers this game?

It was on the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive and was one of the first four fighting games I ever played (ST, Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct). I use to love playing as Shadow though. Trying to defeat the final boss Eternal Champion was a bitch though.


Watch out for dinosaurs, helicopters, and drive bys.

And, DO NOT go swimming in that water. I don’t care how shallow it looks.


i always thought larcen was cool
although i think he sucks when looking back at it

i kind of hated that power move meter, although when people like shadow had her A+B+C invincible shadow move, it made me realize why they had it

i liked rax too, cyborg muay thai? so broken in theory


I think I do…I’m not too sure.
Sounds good though - I just interweb’ed it.


Oh Wow yes!

I have been a lurker for quite a while on these forums, but when I saw this I just had to post.

I remmeber this game with fond memories. I even recently was playing the SEGA CD version of it. Although it hasnt aged very well, I think this franchise has a lot of potential.

I’d love SEGA to come out with a new version.


that would be dope.

i blame this game for my [media=youtube]erKpPsJR7iQ&NR=1[/media] ha.


Yeah, Rax was cool. My fave was Midknight :smiley:


i was an xavier man myself.

his stage fatality was pretty dope what with the victim being burned alive and all.


I liked knocking people back onto that pyre and watching them burn.


it was for Sega CD as well.


I remember playing Eternal Champions on the SEGA Activator.
A new version of this video-game would be great!


To be honest, at the time I was playing it back then, I hated it. Compared to SF it just seemed quite difficult to get into (besides the fact that no other fighting game will ever outrank SF in my tier list). But I’ve since noticed that it’s rather appreciated by the fighting community for the skill required to get through it. I appreciate it a bit more now.


I have to give credit to EC, I see it pop up more on Shoryuken than any other obscure/crappy fighting game.

50% of “does anyone remember which game had the guy with…” threads end up being Eternal Champions. FACT.


I don’t remember the gameplay, but I remember reading through all the character bios and digging the music.


I liked the characters but never got into it. Maybe some day, if someone decides to post an in-depth or something.


someone make this so

i need to buy a sega for this again… too much nostalgia. better yet is there a rom for this for GGPO


I remember this game. I was hooked back when I was a kid. Shadow was the hotness.


I can’t believe how many people are sleeping on trident. Instant daze w/ a fireball? I’ll take it lol.

That game was great. Xavier, Trident, and Jetta were my personal favs. What are the tiers for this game anyway?


pretty sure you just listed something like the top:rofl:

broken ass shadow, super trident ftw

for some reason i beasted with that dude blade:wasted:



Overkills >>>>>>> “Fatalities”

pushes clown horn