Eternal Champions


I think this game had personality that a lot of fighters are lacking. Some of the Character designs are really cool.

Cyborg Kickboxer for the win!

If you can check out the SEGA CD version of the game, Challengers from the Darkside I think it was a Heavy upgrade, almost a sequel.


I wish I never lost my copy of the game and my CDX. :sad:

Game was too fun. Gameplay-wise, I was amazed there was such a jump compared to the original Genesis game.

Discovering that re-dizzy combo with Riptide (already doing 50%) was priceless.

To top it off, EC’s gore made every MK game combined look like Sesame Street.


I did not have ANY fun with this game. It played like crap compared to Fatal Fury 2 and SF 2. It’s just me, I know, but I’ve never had fun with any fighter made by Sega.


Heh, Sega CD Eternal Champions was technically a sequel. I’d argue it’s a better game in every regard…more moves, tweaked engine, more characters…The Senator is still the greatest fighting game character ever.

It’s kind of busted with redizzy combos and infinites, but I’d still put it as one of the most fun fighters to bust out and play with buddies.


95% of games made before 2002 had redizzy combos and/or infinites lol


I think it had fantastic characters and a cool concept for a fighter, taking characters from various eras and putting them together was really cool.

I have to admit I never found it a lot of fun though, but thats because I was so crappy at fighters back then probably.

A remake with some great cell-shaded style graphics would be awesome, maybe with Sega using the same technique of graphics they used for Valkyria Chronicles (Canvas Engine) or something like that. I always get that comic book vibe from the game.


Haha, true, EC is just really easy to combo in though. Still love it though. If it was a faster paced game I think it would get more play…as it stands you can either run it at hyper super speed or at Champion Edition speeds.


Pretty much this. I never played it back in the day but I downloaded the ROM and played it for a bit a year or so ago. I remember the ad campaign for it though. “Hey Johnny Cage, scared you’ll get whipped by a girl?” :rofl:


I have the same issue with this that I have with UMK3. I can’t form an opinion on either game because they feel totally strange. Hitstun, hitstop, hit sounds seem weird. That is far more true for this game than MK though.


the hit sounds were stolen from SF2 WW/Turbo from SNES. But muffled.

Fierce attack and block gives it away.


I was at OhayoCon 09 and one of the fighting game tournaments was a mystery tournament. No one knew what the game was until it started. I entered last minute and it turned out to be Eternal Champions. No one in the tournament had ever played it so we were all on equal footing.

I did manage to win my first match using the pharaoh guy (Ramses i think?). For some reason though, I never got called up for my next match. I was kinda upset but it didn’t really matter. It was a free tournament and the 1st place prize was just a retro nes/snes duo systems. Oh well!

At least I finally got to play the game that I remember being hyped about in an all Sega magazine when I was like 8. However, it was odd getting a nostalgic feeling for a game I had never played before.


That’s too bad for us I guess :rofl:

Nah I’m just kidding, I think I remember playing this game at a friend’s place. Cyborg Muay Thai was top tier.


Oh crap someone else remembers this game!

I used to love this game mainly because of the characters and their back stories. I actually recently purchased this game for like 6 bucks shipped off eBay… (Don’t ask why) I tossed it in my genesis expecting some retro fun, but for some reason I can’t pull any of the moves off in this game!! Weird stuff…

Oh well I went back and read all the stories, at least that part was worth it.
Good concept though


I always thought eternal champions kinda sucked. Released during the time when SFII & MK were hugely popular, and it was like a hybrid combination of the two. Only nowhere near as good as either one, just a wannbe like the thousand other lame fighters released in that era(primal rage, wargods, etc).

I give it credit for being a step above your average shitty fighter trying to cash-in on the 90’s fighter craze at the time, but thats not saying much at all.

The characters were mostly stupid and generic also, you had random futuristic guy #1, weird cyborg thing, some chick, etc. No one memorable.

This one can stay dead.



You really think that? I thought the characters were great and that most people shared my opinion.


you cant win everyone over with gold ha!


I remember back in the day when i first saw it, i could tell it was just another lousy fighter. Yes i gave it a chance and rented it back then too…sigh

The 2D graphics were trying to be “dark/edgy” looking with the scenery, characters and designs, but it all came off looking REALLY stale and just plain fugly to look at. The gameplay was pretty ho-hum too, and that music kinda stained my brain for a while, especially that crappy title theme.

Sorry fellas I just don’t see the appeal of this one at all. It tried to be SFII+MK in one, and failed on both counts. The only notable thing of the “series”(two games?), is it was one of the few titles to make nice use of the underrated Sega CD hardware.


I always thought Larcen was the coolest character design in a fighting game ever. Still do think that, actually.


The guy was like a dick tracy knock-off thrown into a fighter…

I guess thats ok if you’re a Dick Tracy fan… :wtf::wtf:

No offense, I just don’t gets whats so cool about him.


His fighting style and stance. His claws and spike tipped shoes. His gadgets to swing across the screen and crawl along the top of the screen. And yes, his 30s film noir detective look. I thought he was cool.