Eternal Champions


Ditto, he was my favourite character too.

I still think the overall concept was a pretty fun one, even if it wasn’t original. I think it would be nice to see some kind of remake or sequel, it probably could look really cool if it was done in a good style.


This just brings to mind… How many other noir detective types are there in other fighters?..

For that matter acrobats, cavemen, or gladiators from Atlantis?

Not to say this game is a gem among fighters, but it did do somethings with the story of the fighters that stayed with me for awhile. I def enjoyed the way this game brought “heroes” from all over into one game.

Wait what was the point of their conflict with each other?!

King of fighters and Tekken had the challenge of who was the strongest, and MK had the fight to save the world, but what was the point of this one?


I thought the game had the most unique story ever in a fighting game, period. I remember reading the character biographies when I was younger, and all the stories were really good. The music they had for it was really haunting and sad; it really gave the game a really somber kinda feel.

I also liked the fact that the main boss in the game wasn’t evil. He was actually kinda depressed the way things turned out from all the fucked up shit in past history. He was still a bitch to fight though.

Playing with dead folks trying to gain a second chance to save history. Crazy shit.


I love this game and still have the Sega CD version around. I played the original cartridge version with my friends backl in the day but we only had a single 6 button pad :rofl:, so the loser/contender had to play with the old 3 buttons pad. Good times.


Stage fatalities for this game were the best I’ve ever seen. The 1920’s stage where the car pulls up and the losing character gets shot by guys with tommy guns leaning out the car windows was an extremely creative idea for those days.


Their conflict was to reclaim their souls (thus their life) in a tournament and a fight against Eternal Champion. The winner will return to Earth with the chance to change their fate and restore balance to the universe.


Sega CD version had an awesome soundtrack too.

And you could play as wild animals, including (but not limited to), a Congressman.

The fact you had to fight both Eternal and Dark champions 8 different times was hardcore.


So true…

Also, if you lose during any of the Eternal and Dark Champion fights, you have to start over…from the BEGINNING of the game, not boss fight. If you lose, it’ll just give you a bad ending, like A3 did if you lost to Bison. You have to beat all 8 back to back, with the same health bar that barely refilled. And they were cheap. I say that they were 10x cheaper than A3 Bison, each.


now that i think of it
Seth’s alt costume is eternal champion?


No, considering 1) Seth isn’t a being of pure energy/soul/something ethereal and 2) EC sported a traditional hakama and top where Seth just has…Pants.

I found it interesting how EC and DC fought with different aspects of nature. Also, EC as a playable character did the Gen-style switching…To the point they had to make two versions of EC (to cover all eight animal forms).

EDIT: Combo video.

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The backstory is… definately different. The Eternal Champion is symbiotically linked with the condition of the human spirit. In the distant future, man declines, and eventually fades away.

The Eternal finds that certain individuals would have had a great positive impact on history (to him) had they not been killed before realizing their greatness. In traveling back to rescue them right before their death, he uses up much of his energies, and so he can only send one back.

All the rescued fighters are allowed to view what has and will happen, as well as train for the contest. The winner among the nine faces the Eternal for a final test. If they pass, they get sent back to their life, and can change their fate.

For the CD version, it’s revealed that every time the Eternal runs his contest, the result is unchanged. The Dark Eternal, who had formed shortly after the regular Eternal, had hidden several rightful participants (the new characters), meaning that until the true full contest was held, it wouldn’t resolve.

There were plans for a third installment, likely on the Saturn, that would’ve had a 3rd Eternal, representing chaos. Sega of Japan axed it, though.


I don’t know if EC’s story was all that original though, considering ‘World Heroes’ had a very similar one of taking fighters from different times. I do think that EC chose some great characters for it though.


But not for the sake of their soul and the future like EC though.

SEGA needs to scap VF series and make EC, or at least make EC on the side like Namco does with SC.


I could never want them to scrap VF, which is my favourite fighting series, but I agree I would love to see another EC come around. Like I said earlier, doing it in a comic book art style with cell shading would fit the game perfectly I think.


taking fighters from different times was done in Time Killers and Blood Storm as well


Yeah but Time Killers really sucked. :tdown: At least EC had a good story behind it. Shame the rest of the game didn’t match up.


Blood Storm’s story was not the same as EC or Time Killers. That was a “king has been killed and a contest is held to find a new ruler” story.


I played the shit out of this game - I more or less mained every character. This is going back ~13 years, but off the top of my head I would rank the players as follows:

God tier:

2nd tier:

3rd tier:
Slash (for mediocre players, Slash is arguably #1, but he gets owned against elites)

Shit tier:


The story read that they were each awarded a place in the tournament because each character was robbed of their life before their true “time to go.” I think I have the instruction manual in storage. It went into detail about how each character was cheated out of life.


Shadow and Jetta are undeniably the 2 best characters in the game. How are you gonna consistently beat shadow mode or jetta’s speed up?