Eternal Champions


I loved Rax and Midnight. Figures that people would find them shitty… :sad:

Stop comparing this game to other games that had people from other times. This one had a good story and graphics, decent gameplay, great music, and was fucking COOL.

I would’ve loved to see this series take off, or at least make it to 3 or 4. Too much potential ruined. I wonder why they dropped it anyway. Sega is…iffy.


I used to like to use Midnight, too, but always accepted that he was somewhat limited.
Xavier and Shadow, on the other hand, were the shit.


The 3rd and final game in the series was planned for Saturn, but Sega of Japan killed it, because they didn’t want a game made by Sega of America to possibly be more popular than Virtua Fighter. Their stated excuse was “they didn’t want to take away sales,” which is silly considering that they’d get it all anyway.

But Sega always had that sort of rivalry between the Japan and American branches, probably owing to how successful the US one was compared to the Japanese. Eternal Champions 3 was just another victim. Read up on some of the weird ideas for it though, it sounds like it would have been a fairly unique game.


I had heard about it. Something about in-game decisions affecting brancing paths and a fuckton of other impressive shit for a FIGHTING GAME. I can’t think of the other plans but I remember some of them made me go wtf.

Sega hating on Sega. Stupid dumbasses.


Damn this game lol, man i found it to be kinda hard when i was a kid lol. But damn i would use midnight,jetta, xavier, and who didnt use trident? That dude was easy to use lol (only one i beat the game w/when i was a kid).


Seeing it on the back of the box when the Saturn first came out is what got me so excited to own the system. If you look at the first run Saturn box, it shows a picture of the game and even says “ETERNAL CHAMPIONS”. I remember being very pissed off when it never came out. Damn.


With CftDS, I used Slash. Freeze them with his ice move, do his air slam into instant dizzy, combo. Shit never failed me.

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tiers for this game should be posted on what speed cuz speed changes things. Rax is the easiest to tell. His slide normaly goes like I dunno a quarter of the screen. Or something on regular speed. But on overdrive(I think thats what they called turbo)it goes full screen. Theres other moves that are effected by this as well. One horrible example would be I think its midnights strong? press the button and youve won the match automatically.

No seriously. Just keep pressing it. Its a infinite. I dunno if it works the same on normal speed. But a friend of mine showed me once. And yea… ethier you get hit by it, and your redizzyed for the rest of the match. Or you are stuck in block stun the rest of the match. One of the more dum things ive seen in video games. Another might be that boss in ninja turtles with that jump move over and over again. Its dum. Again I dunno if it works like that on normal speed. But on turbo, it does…

Also there is a way to play with no yin yang meter on turbo. But I forget what it is off hand.


So true, Sega was a mess back in the Saturn days, especially with stuff like that and Sonic Xtreme or whatever it was. I heard it was caused due to issues between Japan and USA and use of hte NiGHTS engine or something.

Ah well, getting back to EC, I always thought that Rax was top tier for some reason. I used to get owned by his flying knees all the time.


You could just go into the options and turn off the whole “lose your ying yang metere” thing. But then the game would be extremely broken lol. Infinite shadow mode, infinite smoke mode for midnight, infinite speed up for jetta, infinite teleport for xavier, infinite “you can’t touch me moves” for trident, etc.


You had to put in a code to turn off yin yang meter on turbo. Only on normal speed can you regularly just turn off yin yang mode. That is unless there is diff versions of the game.


ah ok. 99% of the time i played on normal speed. I only played on turbo once, and it was way too hectic, so i never messed with it again.


The whole Yin Yang thing is the only thing I didn’t like about the game, and (sadly) the only thing that made it unique. If they could retool the game without it and not having over powered moves because of it, that would be cool.


This game was one of the worsts game ever follow by Martials Champion back in the day lol


I would love to see a remake of this title. Back when I played this game, the story had me compelled to the point where I wanted to see the ending for every character. None of the characters were truly evil, so you felt that every one of them deserved the chance to go back and prevent their untimely death. That was the tragic part of the game, though, since the Eternal Champion only had enough power to restore one.



they should have done so back in 1995.


Be nice to bring that back somehow as a reboot.